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Overwhelming. It’s the word my friend used to describe her life.

After not being able to find each other for five years she plugged my name into Google and up came my website. Sometimes technology works!

We chatted for a while and asked all the regular questions: How are the kids? Have you had any more? Where are you living? Can you send pictures? Are you working? What’s your husband up to?

When we got to that question the sound in her voice let me know that her situation was not her first choice, but in her words, “It’s what God has planned for us right now. It was overwhelming at first, but you have to do what you have to do, and all of a sudden you are doing it.”

Her husband is living and working in a different state while she works and raises four children on her own. They see each other once every two to three months. She tells me her children are very good, obedient and help with their chores.

Why is that so important? Because we simply cannot do it all by ourselves. Yet for some reason God asks us to live in situations that require more than what we can do alone.

When we try to live life alone it is overwhelming. Hungry kids, messy homes, piles of laundry, endless bills, schedules to keep, lunches to make, parties to throw (birthdays don’t wait, you know), and sickness to keep at bay – all of it is overwhelming. Try it by yourself and things just get tougher.

Don’t be afraid to assign chores to the kids. Don’t be too proud to ask for help cleaning the yard or the house. If someone ever asks how they can help suggest a meal for the freezer or a few pails of homemade cookies to throw into lunch boxes to lighten your load. When things get overwhelming ask for help!

Now that January is here and school is back in full swing, take stock of your free evenings and/or moments. Don’t let anything crowd in on them. Cut things out so that you have more time at home with nothing on the agenda. Sound impossible? Maybe… but only if you are not serious about making your time work for you and taking control of it so that you will be less overwhelmed.

In the next little while I’ll share a few things that I’ve implemented here at our house to help ‘lighten my load’ and make life less overwhelming. You might not be able or willing to try all of them, but they might spark some ideas of your own.

Speaking of ideas of your own… I’d love to highlight YOU in one of my blog posts. So send me an idea, shortcut, resource or tool that you have used or created that others might benefit from. If it fits you might just find yourself featured here. You can also leave comments and share with us that way.

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