Having a little fun!

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Fun. Why do we put up with so little of it? Why don’t we schedule it into our day like we do a shower and deodorant? Why do we think we can cram it all into two weeks and try to call it vacation?

I find that sometimes I get so crazy busy I put the emphasis on rest instead of fun. Yet, no matter how long the nap or how late I sleep in, it doesn’t do nearly the same amount of good that an evening full of belly-laughs and good old-fashioned fun.

Married Single Mom’s need that extra dose of humor regularly! Trying to build a healthy marriage while your partner is absent creates a stress all its own. Raising kids gets tiring day after day and long, lonely night after another. We feel the burden, bear the brunt and burn the candle at both ends far too long, far too often.

I’m going to encourage you to schedule a little fun in this week!

I am! I’ll be visiting old friends, making new friends, and enjoying a few moments of fun time. I’ll plan in some laughter for sure. Heart to heart talks and probably some tears. But it’s the laughter I’m longing for!

One of the things I love to do with my kids when I need a laugh-break is watch funny videos. I already told you my favorite comedy series – Bananas – in another post. However, I’ve also recently found Johnny and Chachi. They are also hilarious!

So just for a little fun… here’s a video for you!

Have a heart, happy day!

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