I’ve MOVED! Please come visit!

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Yes… we’re moving. And for those of you who know us personally, you may know that we will soon be moving to a different house in a different city about 30 minutes from where we currently live. But that’s not what all this excitement is about today!

Over the summer my faithful, and very detail oriented husband, along with some help from Tekeme Studios and Tim Koop (a local super duper programmer), have been renovating my website. We added all kinds of features, gave it a whole new look and moved the blog to be part of the same website.

I’m particularly excited about this blog because it’s been entirely revamped. One of the great features my hubby made sure got in there is the categories. This is exciting! Now if you want to read ALL my blogs you just subscribe to ALL my blogs. But if you are interested in just my recipes, that’s fine. You can subscribe to JUST my recipe blogs!

It’s all going through a new feed, but we’ve tried to make sure everything that was set up will transfer smoothly. There should be no disruption in your service.

One thing you’ll want to be SURE to do, is subscribe to at least the NEWS category. In the next few weeks I’ll be announcing contests, giveaways, and more fun stuff… even a Party! All that info will come through the News category, so be sure to subscribe!

So bookmark this: www.carlaanne.com/blog or subscribe for it to show up in your email inbox.

Come on over! I look forward to ‘seeing’ you there!

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