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Ah… it’s official. I’m an author.

Yesterday I held my very first Book Launch. It was fun! It was exciting! It was remarkable to me, and has been for some time, that anybody would want to read what I write.

copyright Carla Anne Coroy 2011

Book Display at McNally Robinson

I had been told there was a display of my books and posters with info about me and the book. It’s one thing to hear it. It’s another to see it. It’s kind of weird to see my name on books prominently displayed in a bookstore. It was also a little weird to have my picture taken in the middle of the store while all the people in line at the cashier stood and watched… but hey! It’s my launch, right?

One of the fun things about the Book Launch was meeting people. I wanted that feel for my book, too. That’s why I have “Meet the Mom” sections where readers can meet other moms who completely understand what real life is like. I loved looking out over the 50 chairs full of people there for my book launch… and then the other people standing in the back with no seats… that was exciting. (Not that they didn’t have seats, but that there were so many people there!)

Copyright Carla Anne Coroy 2011

Decadent Gluten Free Chocolate Yummy Cake

I have to be honest, having gluten-free chocolate yummy decadent to the max cake served at my launch was a huge plus! So was the decaf coffee!! What’s a party without food?!

Now here’s the fun part: If you read the Winnipeg Free Press, or have access to it online keep an eye out for Sunday’s paper (likely next Sunday’s paper) to see whether my sales qualified me for the title of “Best Selling Author”. Rumor has it that I made the mark! But the proof will be in the paper and we’ll all know for sure then!

Copyright Carla Anne Coroy 2011

Book Signing at the Book Launch

Dorene Meyer also launched her book. I haven’t read it yet… but keep your eyes peeled, I’m planning on a book review soon!

All in all, it was a great evening with friends. If you were there – thanks! If not, you missed a great evening… but don’t worry! You might be able to catch me at another book signing if I come through your area (I was at Chapters St. Vital in Winnipeg this afternoon!) and you can still get my book here.

I hope you enjoy my pictures of the celebration… there are more pictures in the Photo Gallery. Be sure to check them out!

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