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‘Lead Her’ by Sanctus Real is an emotional song for me. My guess it is for many wives and moms.

Watch the video before you read any further.

Doesn’t that stir in your heart a desire to go get your husband and make him sit down and watch, with the hopes that he’ll catch on?

For many wives, particularly Married Single Moms, we have this deep longing in our hearts, a soul-cry really, that begs to be heard by our husband. We desperately need him to choose us not just until the wedding but every single day.

We need to know – am I still important to you? Do you still love me? Do you love me enough to… ?

And each of us fill in that blank our own way.

… to come straight home after work.

… to turn off the computer or the TV and spend time with me instead.

… to trade your high paying job for one that will let you come home in the evenings and weekends?

… to kiss me on the lips?

… to hold me when I need to cry?

… to see a counselor with me?

… to do the laundry, or empty the dishwasher or change the baby’s diaper?

… to fight for me?

… to see how hard it is not to look for love somewhere else?


But what if he doesn’t? Are we destined to live out our lives with bleeding hearts?

This song was actually written by a man, for men. But my guess is it’s women who play it on repeat all day!

And when a woman’s heart is moved by this song I pray she finds there is Someone who is willing to lead her with strong hands, who will stand up for her when she can’t, and who won’t leave her hungry for love. He’s willing to fight to be the love of her life so she’ll never have to feel alone.

That Someone is Jesus. Will you allow Him to lead you?

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