MomChat Facebook Party & Kindle Touch Giveaway

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You are invited!!  Yes… the MomChat Facebook Party day is upon us.

On Tuesday October 25 (that’s tomorrow as I write this, Today for many of you reading it) we are celebrating the release of my book Married Mom, Solo Parent online. It’s a Facebook Party!

What on earth is a Facebook Party, you ask?  Well, let me tell you!

It’s when you, and I, and a whole lot of other moms sign in to Facebook and meet on my Event (Party) page. When we get there we’ll talk about being a mom, being a wife, and all kinds of fun things. There’ll be a trivia game and some questions about me (hint: you may want to familiarize yourself with this website and find out all about me!).

Kindle Touch

Prize may not be exactly as pictured here. But it will be GREAT!

And prizes.  Lots of prizes and a Grand Prize to finish things off.  And the grand prize is… a Kindle Touch!! The saddest part of this is that I can’t win! But I sure hope YOU do!

It will last about one hour. If you are on the West Coast it will start at 5 PM your time. If you live in the Mountain Time Zone make sure you are logged in by 6 PM. For those of you who share Central Time with me… we’ll be there at 7 PM. And those of you way over in Eastern Standard Time… make sure you get to the Event page by 8 PM your time.

So… how do you get to the party? It’s always good to have directions!

  • First: Log into Facebook.
  • Second: Head over to my Author page:
  • Third: Once you are there go to the far left under the picture and click on the word ‘Events’.
  • Fourth: That should take you to my list of events. There should be just one event there called ‘MomChat Facebook Party and Kindle Touch Giveaway’.
  • Fifth: Click on that title.
  • Sixth: Once you are there, instructions will be clearly pasted for you to follow along.

It’s quite simple! Don’t worry! I’ll be on there chatting away for the whole hour! We’ll be wrapping up about 65 minutes after we start.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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