Pink Petunias

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I had two gorgeous hanging baskets of petunias this summer. Everyone who came by commented. Then one day one of them looked dead.

Overnight. Wilted. Dry. No blooms.

The other one looked just fine.

So I brought it in out of the scorching heat. It sat in my kitchen sink. I watered it with tepid water every 4-6 hours. I fertilized it and removed all the dead stuff.

PetuniasI’m not sure if I was expecting my pink petunias patient to survive or not. I’ve been known to kill fake plants! But I sure tried to revive her to her blooming best!

As I gently pulled out dried, dead blooms and leaves from the tangle of plant I felt like I could relate. I’ve been feeling dried out lately. All bloomed out – like there’s nothing left to give. I look at my life and see parts that are dead or dying. It feels like the beauty has come and gone.

But today I am encouraged.

I realized that if I, the killer of the artificial bloom, am willing to give up my kitchen sink and precious time to revive (or at least attempt to revive) a basket of wilted petunias, there’s a very high likelihood that the One who created me and loves me more than life would take me in and try to refresh me.

So this week my challenge to myself and to you will be to look for and find the ways that the Lord might be trying to revive you.

Please post a comment so we can be refreshed with you as you share what He’s doing for you.

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