Popcorn Balls and a Snick-a-loaf

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Bad Candy

"Bad" Candy

I’m not a candy fan at the best of times. Chocolate – now that’s a different story. Especially if it is Lindt or Dove Meltaways. But I have horrific memories of bad candy. Bad candy in my bags included things like corn candy, anything black licorice, those awful candies covered in colored balls, and those marshmallowy pastel colored wedge thingies. Eeeew. Some things shouldn’t be called candy no matter how much sugar they have.

Mackintosh Toffee

"Good" Candy

My favorite finds in a candy bag were things like Mojo’s (do you remember those?), Mackintosh Toffee, Werther’s, and Tootsie Rolls. I don’t love how they stick to my teeth, but these made it worth it!

Watch Tim Hawkins’ take on Bad Candy, and then leave me a comment with the things you loved or didn’t love in candy bags when you were a kid! (Even if you didn’t go trick or treating you likely had candy bags at parties, Easter, Christmas or a visit to Grandma’s house!)

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