Ripening Tomatoes and Children

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I’ve been ripening tomatoes on my counter for what seems like weeks. They’ve slowly been making their way into the freezer or into one of my son’s batches of Butter Chicken. But it seems like it would be so much easier if they just all ripened at once!

So my counter still looks like this – a mottle of greenish-redish tomatoes – begging me to pay attention. Every morning I come to the kitchen and lift each tomato checking to see if it’s ripe. I watch their progress all day as they sit here staring at me.

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Ripening Tomatoes

I think about yummy things I could make with these beautiful garden gems… homemade tomato soup, salsa, chili, pica da gallo, more butter chicken, toasted bacon and tomato sandwiches… mmmm, I think I’ll go for one of those!

Yet regardless of how patient I am for them to turn the perfect shade of red, they don’t seem very patient for ME!

Have you ever smelled rotten tomatoes? Well, I’m learning that if the tomatoes are ripe today I had better deal with them THIS MINUTE. They will not wait a day or two for me to have time to put them in the freezer or cook them up. I know the smell of rotten tomatoes and will do whatever I can to avoid it!

I’m grateful for every tomato I have. It’s such a blessing to have my counter full of this year’s bounty.

But with every blessing comes responsibility. The responsibility to be thankful and to be a good steward. Having these veggies on my counter remind me that I need to “check” on my children every day too. How are they doing? Are they maturing into healthy, godly kids? Do they need a little more of God’s Son or a touch more Mom? Maybe today, this moment, is a time when I need to drop what I’m doing and capture a memory or listen to a heart’s cry, or watch someone cross the line from child to teen, from teen to adult. What is maturing in my kids – or even my marriage – today that I might miss and lose forever if I’m not paying attention?

How about you? Have there been moments in your kids lives that you’ve missed and that you wish you could call back?

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