25 Reasons I Homeschool

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One question I often get asked is “Why do you homeschool, Carla Anne?”

The answer to that is so convoluted and long and, truth be told, controversial, that I’m not often sure I want to go into it. Since there are so many good answers, I just pick one or two and share those.

Today, though, I want to let you, my faithful readers, know a little bit more about why I homeschool. There are probably even more reasons than what I have written here, but this is my start.

  1. As a teacher before we had children I saw homeschooled students achieve and succeed far above what traditionally schooled kids did. I wanted that for mine.
  2. When I was registering Ahria (my oldest) for Kindergarten, the public school suggested she was ADD. The Christian school in the area suggested I homeschool her for a year to “see what would happen” and register her the next year.
  3. I fell in love with watching my kids’ excited expressions over discovering concepts, learning to read, and doing science experiments.
  4. It was cheaper than a private school, but with the same or better curriculum.
  5. The flexible schedule gave our family more time for music lessons, volunteering with seniors and at church, and just having fun together.
  6. I loved it when my kids were free to play after lunch (because they were already done their lessons for the day) while other children were still in school.
  7. Being at home has given my kids endless opportunities to learn home skills such as cooking, cleaning, organizing, yard work, canning, gardening, etc.
  8. As my kids have gotten older they’ve had work opportunities during the day, giving them practical experience in the work force of the real world.
  9. I can train my children to a high level of academic excellence. Why settle for passing with 50%, when I can make passing grade 85%?
  10. If they don’t understand something we can slow right down until they “Get it”.
  11. Unlike most (I did not say all) publicly educated children, my kids have a fairly easy time getting along with people that are not their own age. Whatever the age difference, my kids get along well.
  12. I have a special needs learner who has excelled far beyond what we were told we could expect. We are told it is due at least in part to his having our undivided attention and our working diligently with him at home in his areas of weakness… and his strengths.
  13. I have an accelerated learner who has been given the freedom to sail on ahead in the courses of study that he enjoys and excels in. If he was in public school he would likely not have had the freedom to study as many courses, or to study at his own pace.
  14. When there is a “hard” subject for a child we can take more than a year to complete it.
  15. I can sleep in some days!
  16. We can have family breakfasts, lunches and dinners (and snacks and coffee breaks…)
  17. I particularly love being able to spend at least one hour each day with my kids in Bible reading and prayer.
  18. One of my favorite things that I’ve been able to do with the kids is have a “Day of Prayer” once a month. We fast together that day and spend it in prayer confessing sin, worshiping God, singing praises, praying for persecuted Christians, orphans, children in poverty, our government and others who need our prayers.
  19. I can teach my children about other religions, evolution, the fall and rise of empires, the horrors of history and all that within the context of a biblical framework and worldview.
  20. Each lesson my kids tackle can be used to build character, and as an opportunity to learn how to do all things for Christ – working as unto the Lord.
  21. I believe I am not just training up the next generation, everyone is doing that. I’m raising up men and women who know who their God is, who have experienced Him in their lives and in their education, and who are trained and equipped not just in academics but in the ways of the Lord.
  22. Being at home has given our kids a great relationship with each other. They are friends. They love each other.
  23. When we moved 9 times in 10 years it would have been far too disruptive to change schools for them so often. Homeschooling was by far more stable.
  24. It was recommended to us by a psychiatrist.
  25. Because the Lord made it very clear to us that THIS is the way He wanted our family to be educated.

Like I said above, there are more reasons, and longer stories to many of those points. But that’s a start.

How about you?

If you homeschool, why do you do it?  If you don’t, what are some reasons you don’t?

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  1. Paula says:

    I love this! Thanks for sharing. We are about to start homeschooling tomorrow mid-year with our two daughters.

    • Carla Anne says:

      Way to go, Paula! May God give you His richest blessings as you embark on a fabulous adventure! Have fun… and give yourself permission to laugh a lot during school time! It makes for better memories! :)

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