On Being 18 Hours Drowsy

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I’ve had a sore back now and again. I’ve had whiplash from accidents. I’ve worked too long on my feet and suffered with a sore back for a day or two. I’ve been pregnant several times and each time had severe trouble with my back and hips.

But I have discovered a new kind of back pain. It’s the kind of back pain that shows up in your leg. Yes… I said leg.

On Saturday night the weekend before last (after a few days of thinking my leg felt weird) I couldn’t feel my leg, or stand on it, or bend it, or do anything with it. Long story short I paid a little visit to my friendly neighborhood ER.

After ruling out a blood clot and broken bones the doctor asked me if I had a sore back. “No. I don’t have a sore back. My neck’s been sore this week, but not my back.”

So he touched my back. I screamed and nearly took off like a rocket. Apparently I had a sore back. I just didn’t know it!

He wrote out a few prescriptions and a requisition for a CT scan. Then off I went with strict instructions to rest, keep my legs up, and not to lift anything at all… AT ALL… for at least 2 weeks.

Did I mention that we are moving this week? And that I hadn’t packed a thing? Yeah, well, that sounded possible! Not.

So I went home, laid down on the couch with my legs up, and let my family feed me pills. I have no idea what time I took those pills. But sometime after 10 and before 11 PM. The note on the info packet said that it might make me drowsy, and one of them might take an hour to take effect. Oh, good thing it’s soon bedtime!

We watched a few funny videos. I laughed… and apparently the others were laughing too, just not at the video! And by the time I headed off to bed I was on a hunt for hot glue (someone made the mistake of saying I didn’t have a hot clue… but I guess my brain thought I’d prove it to them)! Not only that… my husband informed the household the next day that I’d been quite the talker when I came to bed. Chatting up a storm about mint green hippity-hopping rabbits. Yes.

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Such tiny pills… but so much power.

It’s terrible when a 2 mm tablet, hardly larger than a grain of salt can render you a blubbering fool. Albeit an entertaining fool.

And yes, it did make me drowsy. As in 18 hours later drowsy. I came to sometime around 1:30 PM the next day for a bathroom break, and didn’t wake up again until I dragged myself out of bed at 5 PM.  Nowhere in the info sheets did it say that drowsy was synonymous for unconscious.

So my blogging has been a bit more sporadic – partly due to my ‘drowsiness’ and partly because I don’t think any of you want to read a lot more detail about my mint green hippity-hoppity rabbits or my search for hot glue.

It’ll be a strange week as my family packs my boxes (my kids and mom have done most of it already) and moves my household to a new city and home. I get to rest while they do this. And if you have any idea of my personality, that resting will be far more painful than any backache.

But… I’m sure I’ll sleep well.

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