Should Teenagers Get Gifts?

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Okay girls… it’s time to talk presents. Yes… gifts. Special things people give you.

I got to thinking about this on the weekend. Two of my teenagers were attending birthday parties and so the thought of gifts naturally comes up.

So this post is actually going to be all about YOU!! I want to know a few things, and you are the best people to learn from.  So here goes…

If you are a teenager and throwing your own birthday party, do you expect your guests to bring a gift? HONEST!!! And if they don’t, do you have to talk yourself out of being hurt by it?

Copyright Carla Anne Coroy 2011Okay… so let’s say there is a party. And let’s say you wanted to bring a gift… how much money is a reasonable gift valued at? Does a $5 gift make you look cheap? Can you really afford a $20 gift for each of your friends?

And here’s the cruncher… WHAT do you give your friends? Is a coffee gift card appropriate? What about a pair of earrings? Or is that all too passé? Is it better to go for the creative but cheap – say a thrift store mug with permanent marker encouragement notes all over it? (Yeah… might be nice but not microwave or food safe, right?)

Of course, there’s the times the most embarrassing thing happens and you are the only one at the party who didn’t bring a gift. What do you do? Has that ever happened or am I the only one?

And one more thing… if it was YOUR party… what would you want for $10 or less?

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