Happy New Year’s Eve

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It’s just a few hours until 2011 is over and 2012 begins. Here are a few things I enjoyed in 2011:

My hubby taking time off from computer games.
A visit from a long-distance friend – twice.
Planning a kitchen renovation.
Five weeks of condo living.
A completely renovated house.
House shopping.
Selling our house which meant no more showings.
Buying a house.
My book being released.
My first ever book launch and Facebook party (I didn’t even know what that was last January)!
My first blog tour.
My first radio interviews.
Moving into a house with a nice tub!

The bathtub in our new house.

Seeing my kids grow up and stand up for their faith.
Spending time with my family.
Learning how to make videos for youtube.
Making some great friends.
Learning – again – that my faith in Jesus Christ is the most important thing in my life.

Here are some things I am looking forward to it 2012:
Another blog tour.
More time at home in the evenings.
A stronger marriage – more time with hubby!
Swimming – we bought a pool membership – I love swimming!
Getting my office set up in the new house.
Meeting new Married Solo Moms.
Watching two children start to choose life paths.
Watching all four kids grow in their faith.
A published cookbook – maybe??
Smaller sized clothing – maybe??
And if I sell some of my other coffee makers maybe a Keurig!!

I’d also like to see where God is moving me. My heart is stirring in the areas of adoptions, orphans, taking care of the poor and the lonely. My passion for holiness keeps growing. I thank God for that but I do wonder where this will take me. I’m ready for the ride.

Come on, 2012! Let’s Go! With God all things are possible… so let’s make it happen!

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