Married Single Moms and the Holidays

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Lucy Ann Moll

I’d like you to meet Lucy Ann Moll. She’s a breath of fresh air on the web and I’m glad I’ve met her. I’ve been a subscriber to her “refills” since I got my first newsletter of hers called “Cup of Joy”. You can visit her over at her website and blog.

This week she posted a super article about married single moms and the holidays – especially for those MSM’s whose husbands can’t come home for the holidays. Grocery stores still want their food delivered so we can buy it – so there are the truck drivers’ wives, sitting at home by the tree wishing their men could enjoy the twinkling lights with them. There’s the doctors who fill the hospital hallways trying to bring hope and health to sick patients, but whose wives are at home wondering if they’ll miss another Christmas dinner.

I know for a fact that on Dec. 24, 1996 there were a lot of doctors who were doing their best to go home to their families. But so was I! My baby boy was born that day, and a doctor – a wonderful doctor – missed the hubbub of Christmas morning with his kids around the tree so he could check my baby and me, make sure we were fine and then sign my release papers. And I wasn’t the only patient that day! I hope he made it home. I hope his kids’ eyes lit up when he walked in the door to celebrate Christmas – just. with. them.

The holidays can be a hard, sad time. We miss our hubbies! Our kids miss their daddies.

Lucy refers to my book, Married Mom, Solo Parent, which includes tips on how to celebrate when Dad is not around. Go ahead, check out her post… and tell her I sent you!!

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