Winter Driving and My Rescue

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For the first part of this story, about driving with my learners license daughter in bad winter weather, read my recent Winter Driving post!

We made it to the city safely, for which I thanked God. City driving was a whole new ball game. It’s one thing to keep your pace steady on an icy highway. It’s another thing entirely to watch several lanes of traffic, lights, and road signs and still stay in your lane. But she was doing pretty well.

Her biggest struggle was turning left in an icy multi-lane, traffic light controlled intersection. I think God gives mothers children who drive on ice with their learners licenses so we can become better prayer warriors!

When we got to the city and the back-seat driving started getting out of control again, I turned the radio on to a Christian station. I figured it would help divert the worried minds in the back of the van. We were in a long line of traffic that was in one of 2 left turning lanes. It took several light changes for us to get to the actual intersection.

Each time we moved ahead and then stopped there was a collective sigh of relief. The air was tense. We were waiting for the big moment – turning left in an icy intersection.

The song on the radio happened to be one of my favorites – Joyful by Brenton Brown. We were just at the chorus when the green arrow started flashing and it was our turn to take a tour through the intersection.

Backseat voices were quiet. The tension was high. She stepped on the gas lightly, then a little more as the back tires started spinning. With a burst we suddenly leaped ahead – I inhaled large amounts of oxygen and dust – as the van careened forward while at the same time doing wild sideways motions with the back end! Once my lungs had passed capacity for air intake I held my breath. My hand reached out to gently press on her shoulder somehow indicating there was something going on to be wary of…

About half an hour later we were through the intersection, safely on the other side. Okay… it was likely 1.5 seconds, but it felt like forever.

All four passengers exhaled. The pressure came off. My daughter driver looked over at me and said, “I think you were much more nervous about that than I was.”

“Yes, my dear. You are right. And THAT’S what scares me.”

Another voice from the backseat piped up… “I think this song on the radio is very appropriate for a time like this.”

We were all silent for a second or two as we paid attention to the lyrics…

“Jesus you are my rescue, Jesus you are my rescue….”

The tension over, we laughed.

How true.

Since then she’s driven safely on icy roads a few times. She’s done well. She’s a safe driver and I’m extremely proud of her.

But I’m still praying every time she’s out on the road – by herself or with others – in these winter conditions. The reason I’m praying?

Because Jesus is the only Rescue!

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