Low Necklines – Modesty Part One

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One of the most frustrating things for me and my girls is shopping. The girls especially love to go shopping. We don’t often buy anything though because it is so hard to find clothes that fit our standards of modesty. Especially tops.

Modesty Part One - by Carla Anne Coroy - photo of red dress with low cut

Such a beautiful top… but too low to wear modestly.

Modesty Standard for Tops

Here’s what we use as our modesty standard for tops:

  • Tops must have necklines that do not reveal cleavage or dip too low.
  • Tops must not be see-through (or made of such thin fabric they reveal the bra).
  • Tops must not be skin tight.
  • Tops must always (even with arms raised) cover the belly by touching or covering the top of the pants.
  • Tops must not have embellishments or words that draw attention to the breasts.
  • Tops must not have words that don’t glorify God.

And shopping with those standards in mind is not easy!

A Solution for Low Necklines

Today I want to talk specifically about that first point – necklines that are too low. It’s hard to find tops that don’t reveal cleavage, or that don’t hang open, revealing everything, when we bend over.

One of the ways to handle this is to wear a light top underneath. A nice tank top with a high neckline can be the perfect fix for those cute little tops that are so available. But I find that even the tank tops have low necklines!

So I’ve started wearing my tank tops backwards! Just cut out the tag, and slip it on backwards… it’s a great way to be sure you’re modestly covered in the front.

But in my house the girls and I are often too warm to wear two layers of clothing! Who wants to always wear two tops?

Not me!

An Even Better Solution!

I’m excited to tell you that I’ve recently figured out a way to fix this problem. I call them Modest Mocks.

A friend of mine bought little lace triangle pieces that you can snap on to your bra straps. They cover your cleavage and turn low tops into modest outfits. But I couldn’t afford to buy them, I didn’t like the colors, and I didn’t want lace all the time.

So I went shopping… to the Thrift Shop! I bought a couple of great little tank tops. The smaller the better! Don’t buy a top that fits you… make sure it is much too small! I actually prefer buying a child’s tank top and I’m a generous plus sized woman! Find the colors that will co-ordinate with your wardrobe, especially if you have a particular top in mind.

In my next post in this Modesty series I’ll explain step by step how to turn those little tank tops into Modest Mocks! You’ll need sewing supplies (serger or sewing machine if you have it, but needle and thread will do), a bunch of snaps, and some of those Thrift Shop tops – you can go ahead and pick up a few to get ready!

Meanwhile, let us know what you think!

  • How do you deal with this issue?
  • Do you have any suggestions for making immodest tops wearable?
  • If you’re a guy, do you find low necklines to be a problem?
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