Getting Married on Her 100th Birthday!

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I think this couple is adorable! Watch the video and see what you think. She’s in a gorgeous wedding gown, he’s all spiffed up for the occasion, and at her wedding shower she was given a garter belt! How’s that for enjoying life to the fullest, right to the end!

Getting Married on her 100th Birthday - Carla Anne Coroy - 100 Year Old Bride

My favorite part of this video is what she says during her ‘photo shoot’. She talks about how weddings were plain and simple things back in the day. But that doesn’t matter because…

“It’s not what you got, it’s what you make out of a marriage.”

And I think she’s right! Enjoy this short wedding video. And here’s a link for more info on the Wedding of the Century.

Blushing Bride at 100 Years Old – Touching Story! from untilweflyaway on GodTube.

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