Interviews 2012 – Win a Kindle Touch 3G!

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Interviews 2012 - Win a Kindle Touch 3G - Carla Anne CoroyI’m giving away prizes, including Starbucks cards, iTunes cards, cards, and a Kindle Touch 3G!! It’s all part of Interviews 2012!

Be interviewed by Carla Anne!

I am looking for women who will agree to be interviewed by me as part of my research for a future book and/or blog series. This year I’m looking for women who are or have been:

A married solo mom
A foster or adoptive mom

The interview process is extensive, but quite fun! It includes a written survey and an over-the-phone interview.

To make it even more fun anyone who provides an interview will be eligible to win some great prizes. There will be a series of draws, so the earlier you get your survey in, the more chances you have to win!

There will also be a draw for people who refer someone who provides an interview. So even if you don’t fit either of the interview categories, you can still win something!

Can I participate but remain anonymous?

It is completely OK to want to stay anonymous to the public! I will not identify you in my writing without your permission. I may share interview materials using a different name to protect your privacy, as I did with the married solo mom profiles in my book Married Mom, Solo Parent.

On the other hand, if you are open to having the spotlight on you – in a way that celebrates you and your family and makes you look great – there may be opportunity for that!

Will this make my husband look bad?

Married solo moms sometimes ask me this.

None of the questions in the married solo mom interview are intended to make your husband look bad at all.Interviews 2012 - Win a Starbucks Card - Carla Anne Coroy

Rather, the questions are designed to survey what the felt needs of married solo moms are. I know what mine are, but I’m only one person!

I’d like to know what the needs are of moms in all kinds of situations, who have husbands in all kinds of career fields, etc.

Some married solo moms have great marriages, and some don’t. Being a married solo mom does not indicate there is a problem with your marriage or your husband!

Some questions may be more personal than others. The information gathered will allow me to better minister to and address the concerns of moms. This is not an exercise in airing dirty laundry! :-)

Giveaways Galore!

Grand Prize – Kindle Touch 3G

Interviews 2012 - Win a ChristianBook gift card - Carla Anne CoroyYou can request an interview package for married solo moms or for foster/adoptive moms through the contact form of my website. If you submit your completed survey no later than Friday, May 11th you will be entered into a grand prize draw to win a Kindle Touch 3G!

The results of the grand prize draw will be announced, appropriately, on Mother’s Day, May 13th.

Early Bird Prizes

In addition, there will be early bird prize draws! Every woman who has submitted a completed survey by the following dates will be entered to win a $20 gift card for their choice of Starbucks, iTunes or

  • For Draw #1 entries must be received by Friday, March 23rd.
  • For Draw #2 entries must be received by Friday, March 30th.
  • For Draw #3 entries must be received by Friday, April 6th.
  • For Draw #4 entries must be received by Friday, April 13th.
  • For Draw #5 entries must be received by Friday, April 20th.

That means if you get your completed survey to me by Friday, March 23rd you will have 5 chances to win a gift card AND a chance to win the Kindle Touch. (If you win a gift card you will still be able to win the Kindle Touch. Only one gift card win per person.)

Referral Prize

Interviews 2012 - Win an iTunes Card - Carla Anne CoroyNow… you may be thinking: That’s not fair!! I don’t fit either of the interview categories, but I want to win a prize!

I understand. So there is a prize draw just for YOU!

If you tell a mom about the interviews, have them include your name and email address for the referral when they contact us for the interview package. If they fit one of the two categories and submit a completed survey by Friday, May 11th you will be entered to win a $20 gift card as well.

Update: The Referral Prize Draw has been extended to May 30!

This is a separate draw just for those who refer interviews my way. You’ll get a draw entry for every successful referral, so refer as much as you can! (Maximum one referral entry per mom interviewed. You may not refer yourself.)

Spread the Word!

I would like as many interviews as possible! So please tweet this, share it on Facebook, talk to your friends, your family, your sisters, your ladies group, your mom…

Let’s make this a group event and get as many moms to participate as we can.

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    Please note: the Referral Prize Draw has been extended to May 30! So if you know some Moms, or have already referred some Moms, have them get a completed survey in!

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    I would like to take part in an interview, even if I’m not taking part in any kind of drawing.

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