Schools are No Longer about Education

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Recently I became aware of a practice in the UK to give young girls (as young as 13 years old) contraceptives in school.

This week I learned more. Not only is this practice in place, but the girls are being given contraceptive implants without their parents’ knowledge.

Since when do educators have the right to choose anyone’s daughter’s reproductive future?

What kind of education is this?

It’s not enough that educators interfere with a parent’s job to teach their kids about healthy sexuality, twisting it to include things many of us believe are morally wrong. They are now making choices for our girls regarding medical implants.

Schools No Longer about Education - Carla Anne Coroy - contraceptive implant being inserted in a girl's armEducators are becoming health advisors, and even surgical medical procedure technicians. Giving a child a contraceptive implant requires local anesthetic and the implanting of a rod containing 5 years worth of hormones into the girl’s arm, just above her elbow. If she ever needs or wants it removed, she must go to a clinic, have more local anesthetic, and have the bar cut out of her arm, and the resulting wound stitched up. If the bar has moved at all, this procedure can become more difficult.

Why does a 13 year old girl agree to have such an implant? It’s because the ‘warnings of unwanted pregnancy’ scare the girls into consenting. That’s my take. If you told her the real story – that the implant won’t protect her against sexually transmitted infection/disease, that she might miscarry future pregnancies as a result, that she is more likely to get breast cancer, and all the other negative side effects she’s saying yes to – perhaps she would say no, or at least want to talk to her mom about it before agreeing.

But since when is a 13 year old girl expected to be mature enough to make such decisions without the counsel of her parents?

Sure. I agree that an unexpected pregnancy can be traumatic in the life of any young girl. But is pregnancy really all that bad?

Personally I think STD’s, miscarriages, cancer, etc, are much, much worse. Not only do they affect the young girl in the present… they can affect her for the rest of her life!

So this is what they are doing on school grounds in the UK. Without a parent’s consent. Without even their knowledge of it.

And what will be the result? Perhaps less pregnancy. Perhaps. But also far, far more promiscuity. And that will do its damage to these girls too.

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