Constructive Criticism?

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My husband was laying on our bed. My son was rubbing his feet… sort of… well mostly they were goofing off. I was in the ensuite brushing my teeth (next to flossing it’s my favorite thing to do I think).

I put away my toothbrush. Fluffed up my hair. I didn’t reapply make-up because I thought it was fine. Kind of the ‘natural’ look. Putting the toothbrush back into the cupboard I saw my perfume and decided on a little spritz.

Constructive Criticism - Carla Anne Coroy - Perfume bottle - source 123rfIt’s my favorite scent and I’ve been ‘saving’ it for special occasions because it has been discontinued. But tonight I gave myself a special spritz.

I walked out of the bathroom and leaned over my son to pick up my Bible. And without missing a beat he said, “I’ve always hated the smell of that. It makes me feel car sick and kind of like throwing up.”

Lovely. And I had guests coming in less than 15 minutes.

Good thing I didn’t ask for his opinion!

How much honesty?

I wonder sometimes how much honesty I can really take. Sometimes I want a compliment far more than I want to change something. And I want people to agree with me and think like I do rather than have to adjust my thinking to theirs – or worse yet – agree to disagree.

I say I want honesty. I teach my kids to tell the truth.

How much truth is too much? Is it ever okay to ‘bluff’ to save someone’s feelings? Or to not embarrass them? Is silence better than constructive criticism.

Off I go to air out my perfumed top before my guests arrive in about, oh… 3 minutes.

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