My Day and October Baby!

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I took a Personal Day Thursday. No… maybe it was a Mental Health day. Then again, maybe it was Professional Development.

Whatever the official kind of day it was doesn’t really matter.

I ran away. With my husband and two kids.

My Day and October Baby! - Carla Anne Coroy - Canadian passport

A day away!

I’m not a very spontaneous person so for me to up and take a day ‘off’ at the last moment is very weird. Even weirder that it involved a road trip and a border crossing (well… two border crossings actually).

It was a Personal Day because I needed to get away from my computer and email and phone and schedule and just be… well, personal. Just me and my family. That made it a Personal Day.

But then again it was a Mental Health Day because I’ve been feeling quite stressed about my upcoming Canadian tour and TV appearance. I’ll be in Ontario and Western Canada… so if you want me to come speak at your church while I’m nearby, leave me a comment!!

There’s a lot to organize and arrange, and well… I’d like someone else to do it. Those are not my ‘giftings’ so I think I shouldn’t have to. But alas…

Can you see why I needed a little ‘Time Out’?

However, it was also fully a Professional Day. I needed to go. As a blogger and writer, someone who needs to keep her finger on the pulse of the culture I just had to go see the movie.

Yes… I just had to go see the movie October Baby.

It is my privilege to tell you the day was a success.

What a great day!

1) Personal Day – It was great to have to turn my cell phone off at the border (can’t afford roaming fees) and leave my laptop at home. It was quite refreshing to leave my deadlines on my desk.

2) Mental Health Day – It really is amazing how much clearer I could think after a 6 hour road trip (I told you it was long and crazy)! So much made more sense… and I didn’t really even think about much!  Maybe American air is better for my brain?!?! 🙂

3) Professional Day – The movie is AWESOME!! You really need to see it. Yes… I had tears in my eyes during several scenes. I laughed during the first ‘bedroom’ scene (spoiler warning) when Jason and Hannah shared a hotel room and he is on the floor and she’s having a typical female conversation with him, about him, and at him… and he is literally saying nothing!

She tells him she can feel him judging her!! 🙂 So fully ‘girl’ it’s hilarious!

My Day and October Baby! - Carla Anne Coroy - October Baby movie banner

There is so much I love about this movie. I love the modest clothing. I love the ‘no sleeping together’ made so true-to-life and normal. I really love how the Doctor suggests that what happens in the womb during gestation affects a person’s emotions later in life. I think it is very cool that the main character is a ‘Baptist home schooled girl who’s never… you know… been with a guy’. Love it!

And the story of forgiveness is painful, true, and sweetly freeing. So, so, so well done.

So if you are in need of a Mental Health day, a Professional Day or a Personal day… I highly recommend grabbing a few people you love and running away to some American movie theater to watch October Baby. I know… because I did it!

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