The Respect Dare

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Nina Roesner wrote a book called The Respect Dare. I got it last summer and quite enjoyed it… but I didn’t go through it as thoroughly as I would have liked.

I wanted to do it in a group, but my health last summer was horrible. I ended up spending one full week in the hospital and at least four additional weeks in pain.

Now that is all over. And I’m ready to try again!

The Respect Dare - Carla Anne Coroy - Respect Dare book cover

The Respect Dare is a book that’s more activity/journal/stories/teaching than it is a plain book. It is full of challenges for you to take that will help you learn how to respect your husband.

If you watched the movie Fireproof you have heard of the Love Dare. It is said that women need love and men need respect. (Although I think we need both…) The Respect Dare is like a counter-part to The Love Dare.

The books do not need to be done together, but I understand that when they are the effect is astounding!

Respecting our husbands is important. Respect is an attitude of MY heart, not necessarily a response or reaction to someone else’s behavior.

Ugh… and how many times have I said, ‘I’d be able to respect him if only he…’ and then I make my respect conditional on his behavior.

That’s been changing for me… and I bank on it changing a lot more.

Join us for the Respect Dare!

So here’s my plan. I will be running The Respect Dare small group study on Saturday mornings starting this Saturday, March 24th. It will run from 9 am to 11 am for 8 weeks.

If you live in the Steinbach area you are invited to attend in person. Just contact me through my contact tab on the website or send me an email or Facebook message and I will send you more details. You will need to purchase the book here.

If you are NOT in the Steinbach area, or you are but you just can’t make it to the study, I highly suggest that you get the book anyway and join us. I plan to do a weekly Respect Dare challenge and update on the blog. You can share and read comments here on the blog, what you are learning, what’s hard, what’s going great… and get an extra dose of encouragement from the community here!

This is your official invitation to dive into becoming a respectful wife. Are you in?

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