The Time to Act is NOW

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I’ve told you recently about an education bill that is being quickly pushed (shoved, kicked into high gear) through the Alberta government. Bill 2 basically says (and this is my paraphrase) that no educator – public school, private school or home school – is allowed to teach that homosexuality is a sin, even when that teaching occurs in private homes between parents and children. This teaching is seen – and this is the really dangerous part – as a crime against the Human Rights Act.

It’s not pretty.

Many Albertans and Canadians from all other provinces have already called and made their voices heard. Hundreds have actually gone and stood on the steps of the government buildings… and we’ve been ignored.

This is what HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association) has to say about it:

The Alberta Government has introduced an amendment to Bill 2 which does not address the concerns of homeschoolers. This is a slap in the face. From the day this bill was introduced, homeschoolers have clearly expressed their concerns to the Conservative government. In response we have been ignored, misled, lied to, and mocked and now they have introduced an amendment which does virtually nothing to address our concerns.

It’s a scary day when concerned, law-abiding citizens of a country do NOT have a voice in a democracy.

The Time To Act is Now - Carla Anne Coroy - Canadian flag at half mast

In Canada we fly a flag at half-mast to respect the death of a prominent person. Today I fly the flag at half-mast because of the death of religious rights in my country.

Many of us think persecution belongs in China, North Korea, Iran or Eritrea. But Canada? Alberta, no less? And the kick in the teeth is that this is the move of the “Conservative” government!

Removing the rights of parents

Think about this. If you are a mom, let’s say your grade one boy says to you – out of the blue – as he works on his math page, “Some day I’m going to grow up and marry a man!” According to this law if you say to him, “God says that boys should marry girls not boys. When a man marries a man God says that’s wrong” you could, when found out, be convicted of perpetrating hate crimes and charged (and fined, and jailed, and who knows what else) according to the Human Rights Act. Hate crime.

The door of persecution in Canada is about to crack a little farther open. They want us to stop evangelizing the most important mission field God has given us – the people that live under our own roof. Our mandate is to raise Godly offspring – not to lie to them about what the Bible says.

Will you stand up and be counted? Will you stand with us and with the rest of the Albertans that want to see this Bill cut down? Will you be strong enough to stand for truth, for the Word of God, if the Bill is passed?

It’s time to stand… now against the Bill, and forever for the Truth of the Living God and His Word.

It is likely that this Bill could be passed THIS TUESDAY!! The time to act is NOW!

Things you can do

Can we count on you? HSLDA has offered some ways you can help. Click on this link to see their suggestions for those who live in Alberta or who are willing to travel to make their voice heard. There is a big plan for action on Monday, March 19th.

If you are not from Alberta, and can’t be there on Monday, here are the suggestions HSLDA has to offer:

For those of you watching from the rest of Canada, you can support your brothers and sisters in Alberta in the following ways:
**Consider making a trip to the rally in Edmonton on Monday. This is short notice and a costly trip but would be a tremendous encouragement to Albertans. If you are able to attend, from another province, make sure to let us know you are coming.
**Call and express your concerns. We are now asking for people from across Canada to call on any day they are able. If they don’t ask where you are from, don’t tell them.
**Pray (remember, God holds the hearts of every person)

Thank you. We are not individuals. We are a Body. The Body of Christ. Together, we can unite to support, pray, and act.

May God’s way prevail.

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