Why I Don’t Teach Bible

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As a Christian homeschooler I started out doing all the courses that came in my Abeka Books box. There was poetry, reading, math, social studies and a whole host of other subjects including Bible.

And I did them all.

Doing Bible class

I did Bible class for several years. I changed Bible curriculum. I added Character First curriculum to my Bible class because I wanted something practical instead of just bookwork for Bible class.

Then one day, the day that changed my homeschooling forever, one of my kids said, “Do I have to do Bible? I hate Bible.”

As I stood there aghast at the words that just came out of that child’s mouth a sibling said, “Just do it and get it over with.”

I snatched up those books and said, ‘No! You don’t have to do Bible. Go play!’

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Over the next few days I wondered what to do.

I wanted my kids to learn all about the Bible. I wanted them to love the Bible, to cherish it, to memorize it, to love reading it because it is the Word of God.

I wanted them to meet Jesus in the pages of both the Old and New Testaments. I wanted them to weep over their sin as the Holy Spirit convicted them through His words. I wanted them to rejoice as they discovered anew again and again the free gift of grace and salvation offered to them.

I did not want Bible to turn into an academic subject. I did not want them to hate it and just do it to get it over with.

No more Bible class

So I gave away my Bible curriculum, and told the kids we wouldn’t be doing ‘Bible’ again.

(Yes, I had many friends tell me I was wrong to not teach Bible – and I still have a few of those.)

Instead I started Bible reading with them.

I’d read some. They’d read some.

We’d talk about what it said. We’d read further if it was interesting. Sometimes chapters until the story ended. Sometimes whole books.

Some days we talked about issues and then looked in the Bible to see what God had to say about those issues.

When I found that my kids were seeing their Bible as a gift again I breathed a sigh of relief and thanked God for that horrible day so much earlier.

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Praying together

But we’ve moved on past Bible reading. We started praying together.

I’d like to post another blog sometime on how I very deliberately began to teach my children how to pray. For now, just know that we did add that very intentionally.

Soon our Bible time, our devotions time, was Bible reading, prayer, and sharing and an hour seemed to go by so fast.

Too important to just be a subject

Now my kids are older and I don’t have to fight for them to read their Bibles. I pray that throughout their adulthood they will continue to see their Bible as a treasure, something to love and cherish.

And I’m glad it’s no longer a subject. It’s part of their everyday breath and life.

How does it look at your house?

Do you teach Bible? If so, how have you made it come alive instead of being ‘just a school subject’?

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