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Hi Friends! It’s about time I helped you out.

I’ve been asking for your help on all kinds of things – like helping me find Moms for my Interviews 2012 and Kindle Touch 3G Giveaway, for example.

And I sometimes ask you to let other people know about this blog or a post or to ‘share’ this… and I recently realized that many of you actually don’t know what I mean! I’m so sorry!

Today I want to change that! And from now on we can help each other!

Word of Mouth Matters!

In today’s world blogs and online resources get lost. There are so many places to get information, some good and many not-so-good. Often it is hard to know whom to trust and where to look.

Many of the blogs I read I know about only because my friends read those blogs, and have told me about them – and I found that I like them, too! Word of mouth is the best way to let other people know what you are reading and learning about, and supporting.

Word of mouth on the web looks like ‘sharing’ and ‘twittering’ and ‘liking’ and things like that.

My prayer is that many, many women and teen girls will find this blog and be encouraged to live pure and holy lives for God. My hope is that homeschoolers will come here and find encouragement and refreshing ideas to help them with the task God has called them to.

But they need you to help them find this place.

So… here is how you can do that… as step by step as I can give it to you!

Get This By Email

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  • If you are anything like me, you probably forget to check blogs. I do it, too! But I love getting a blog post in my email. Then it only takes me a few seconds to skim it, comment on it, and share it or to flag it as a ‘marked’ email to read more carefully later.
    • What we’ve tried to do with this blog is let you sign up for exactly the topics and categories you want to read. I suggest all of them!! 🙂
    • But if you only want homeschool blogs, you can sign up for just those. If you just want recipes, sign up for the Food & Fun. It’s all up to you, and getting them by email makes it oh, so easy!
    • Just click on the envelope button in the area on the right side of the blog, and follow the directions. You will get an email asking you to confirm that you are actually wanting to sign up. So please take action on that confirmation email to get started!
  • You can also receive my email Newsletter – you can check out what they’re like and sign up to get the latest on my Newsletter page here!
    • I just sent out a new one with some exciting stuff – but you have to sign up to get the scoop!

Show Your Support

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  • In the Show Your Support section at the bottom of each post (do you see that yellow box below?) click “Like” if you have a Facebook account, and write out a comment to go with it when the Facebook window pops up to allow you to do so. Then share it!
  • Also in the Show Your Support section, click “+1” if you have a Google account. This is important because it helps people know this is a good blog post.

Like Me!

  • If you haven’t done so yet, you can click “Like” and “+1” for me in general! These buttons are under my picture in my website header. This helps people know the website is good in general and not just the blog post. It says you like the whole thing!

Share with Your Friends

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  • In the Share With Your Friends section at the bottom of each post you can click “Email” to quickly email this post to people you know. This is a great way to send it to the people you know will find that topic or discussion helpful. For example, if your sister-in-law is thinking about homeschooling, when a blog posts about that topic you can click on that ’email’ button and send it to her directly with a note from yourself.
  • You can share using other social networking options by either clicking “More” or by just clicking on the big yellow “Share With Your Friends” box below.

Tweet This

Word of Mouth - Share With Your Friends - Carla Anne Coroy - image of the twitter follow button

  • Also in the Share With Your Friends section below, click “Tweet” if you have a Twitter account to share this post.
  • You can also follow me on Twitter by clicking the button under my picture in my website header above. My Twitter name is @CarlaAnneCoroy if you want to search for me with that instead.

I Love Your Comments!

Word of Mouth - Commenting - Carla Anne Coroy - image of the comment button at carlaanne.com

  • Please take time to leave a comment on the blog posts. When you read a post let me know what you think – even if you disagree with me!
  • The more comments a post has the more likely people are to read the post. And, besides that, I could use the encouragement now and again!  😀
  • The image here shows what the comment section looks like right at the bottom of each post. Just click on it and it will open up, and you can start typing!


Okay… now it’s practice time. Go back through the list and try them all out!

That should take you about 90 seconds (unless you get long-winded on your email)!

But if you really don’t feel you have 90 seconds try these three, this should take you about 45 seconds or so:

  1. Leave a comment about Interviews 2012 and the giveaways. Just click on the box below where it says “Add your comment here” and the comment form will open up!
  2. Go to my Author Page Wall on Facebook, find the entry for this post on the wall, and hit “Like” and then “Share” to further increase the Facebook coverage.
  3. Call your friends and family and tell them about this. Call your mom. Ok, this one might not be quick. But it’s good to talk to your mom and friends, right?

I hope that was helpful! Now you know exactly how to help every time you read this blog.

And thanks. It is so good to be part of this blog community with you. You make it great!

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