Choosing a Future – Your SHAPE

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Today you might see just a little sprout pointing in the direction you should go. But someday it might grow into something strong and beautiful that the Lord has planted in you!

This is the final post in our Choosing a Future series.

Wow! It’s a been a great time looking at what’s next and researching what God may have planned for you.

Pulling it all together

Over the past number of weeks we’ve examined your…

Spiritual Gifts



Personality, and


You have all your notes and thoughts pulled together – now what do you do with it all?

Seek God for further clarity

This is where we take all the parts, lay them before God and say… ‘God, what is it that you have created me for?’

And then we listen.

We ask Him to open our eyes to see how He has worked in our past and present to prepare us for the future. We talk to Him about what we’re looking forward to and hoping for.

And we lay down all the things that may not be part of His plan.

Ugh… but how do you know, right? How can you be sure that what you finally think you hear from God is actually His plan?

How do you know for sure?

I’d like to say it’s easy. But it’s not really. On the other hand it’s not hard either.

  1. Spend lots and lots of time in prayer. Ask God to give you experiences that promote the direction He wants you to take, and to put people in your path that will help point you in the direction He wants you to go.
  2. Ask Him to give you a passion for the things He is passionate about.
  3. Talk to wise, godly people in your life. People like your parents, your youth leader, aunts and uncles, your mentor (if you have one), teachers, and other leaders.
    • When you talk to them, gather their information and advice, but keep in mind that you do not have to do what they all say! Your job is to search for godly counsel. You need to take what you find (through prayer) you need to keep, and let go what needs to be let go.
    • If you are still living at home in your parents’ house, you still need to obey them. However, if you sense God is leading you in a direction they don’t approve of, make it a matter of prayer for God to change either their hearts or yours. Then see #5 below.
  4. Take the next step. It may not seem like a big step or even like a major decision. But moving forward step by step is the only way to walk. Go in the direction that you sense the Lord is leading.
  5. Don’t be afraid. You may decide to do something that people you love don’t necessarily agree with. But if you know without a shadow of a doubt that God is calling you to that thing, you need to obey God. It is God you will stand before one day to answer for how you lived… not your parents, or your friends, or the person who pays for your college.

If you’ve taken your SHAPE into consideration, and have spent time in prayer and seeking godly counsel, then you can take the steps that God has put before you with confidence. You are walking in the way God designed for you. Enjoy it!

Share with us!

  • What do you find is the hardest part of this process?
  • Which part do you find the easiest?

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