Conversations with Telephone Marketers

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I don’t usually give telemarketers more than 1 minute of my time. And I only give them that much if they are pleasant and polite, and if they respect what I say… which is usually, ‘Would you please remove me from this calling list?’

Conversations with Telephone Marketers - Carla Anne Coroy - cell phone incoming call

The other day though I had a very friendly chat.

The phone rang. I answered.

“Hi, This is Mrs. Nice-Lady from Promise Keepers Canada calling, is Mr. So-and-So there?”

“No, I’m sorry there is nobody here by that name.”

She repeated the number she’d dialed, which was actually not my number. The first 8 numbers of the 10 digit number were correct but the last two were wrong.

We had a friendly little chat about that, for about 45 seconds. Then I asked, “Who did you say you were with again?”

Promise Keepers Canada. I’m calling from Burlington. Are you familiar with us?”

“Yes, as a matter of fact I am. And I’m actually going to be in Burlington on the 100 Huntley Street show on April 30th.”

“Oh my! Are you famous?”

I laughed. “Um… no. I’m not famous!”

We had a pleasant little chat. I told her my son had been to Promise Keepers in Winnipeg and had really enjoyed it. Then he blessed me by having Robin Mark sign a CD which he bought for me! Our whole conversation lasted probably two minutes in total. Maybe three.

Believe it or not, that little chat with a very happy telemarketer from Promise Keepers lifted my spirits!

I wonder how many times I could lift the spirits of someone in just two minutes. Even the spirits of a telemarketer… maybe??

How about you?

  • Have you ever had a good conversation with a telemarketer?
  • What’s another good way to lift someone’s spirits in 2 minutes or less?
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