God Uses Panties

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I know God is in control. I know He has things planned.

I know all this stuff… but I love it when He makes it obvious. Like the way He sometimes coordinates his plans amongst His people.

Spring Cleaning Retreat

April 13th to 14th I was speaking at Winkler’s Bethel Bergthaler Ladies Retreat. The theme was Spring Cleaning for the Heart and Soul. It’s a two session retreat that I love doing.

Truth be told I’m always a little nervous when it comes to this one though, because I do an object lesson that include panties.

Yep… girly underwear.

As I prepared for the retreat I wondered, as usual: are these ladies going to be able to handle the panties or will it turn them off? Will they not hear the message because of the panties? Or should I do just what God is directing… and use the panties? I always end up using the panties!

A Fun Surprise

This time as I entered the dining hall where the meals and sessions were going to be held I gasped with excitement. I was thrilled beyond belief!

The tables had beautiful brightly colored plastic table cloths that made the room look happy. And right smack dab in the middle of the tables were the centerpieces.

God Uses Panties - Carla Anne Coroy - Panties Table Centerpiece

This is just one of the fabulous panties centerpieces. Aren't they fun!?! The little 'laundry' basket was full of Kleenex and the panties were hanging out to dry.

Fun. Absolutely FABULOUS centerpieces made of… PANTIES!!!

You can see the photo of one of the centerpieces here. The rest are in the Photo Gallery under Bethel Bergthaler Ladies Retreat. You need to take a look at them! They were spectacular!

The very fun woman who put these together not only has a great imagination, she obviously hears God’s voice speaking to her, and then obeys even if it seems odd. She said she wasn’t sure what the church would think when she handed in receipts for the thongs and panties… !  😆

For me it was another confirmation that, yes… God did want that particular talk for these women and yes… I should use the panties!

How about you?

  • Has God ever amazed you with how He’s orchestrated things?
  • What kinds of stories can you share about how God has confirmed things for you?
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