Interviews 2012 Winner #4

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Today’s winner in our Interviews 2012 draw is Cathy Tilburt!

I can hardly wait to introduce you to this Married Solo Mom. She has a story to tell!!! I’m looking forward to sharing her very unique life with you.

Interviews 2012 Winner #4 - Carla Anne Coroy - Cathy Tilburt

Congratulations Cathy!! Enjoy your prize!

In the meantime she will have her choice of an iTunes, Starbucks or gift card.

Are you in yet?

There is still one more gift card draw coming up this week for those who have their surveys in – and of course there’s still a few weeks until the mother’s day draw for a Kindle Touch 3G!

I’ll give you a hint… if your survey is in by this Friday, and you haven’t already won something, there’s a good chance you might win this coming week!

And I’m still looking for MORE married solo moms and foster or adoptive moms to help me out.

Contact me if you want to be part of this!

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