This Life is Getting Old

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Day after day after day… everything piles up, seems the same, gets monotonous.

Living as a married solo mom can get old.

Boredom and exhaustion sets in. The longer this goes on, the deeper the drudgery seems and the older you feel.

Schedule in a change!

One of the best things I did when my kids were little was making plans to change things.

Yes… planned change. Spontaneous change is great too… but if you ever get as tired as I felt every single day… then spontaneous may not happen unless you plan it!

I especially loved changing things up in the spring. Sometimes even the littlest change to a mundane, repetitive, hard life can make a world of difference.

Changing things up

Here are some ideas to spice up the boring, brighten up the dull and give energy to a lifestyle that’s getting old!

This Life is Getting Old - Carla Anne Coroy - Toasted bread on a paper plate

  1. Eat dinner outside on the front steps with paper plates and eliminate much of the clean up! (Or eat on the trampoline, or at the park, or on a blanket in the yard…. just get outside!)
  2. Give yourself a night off of cooking and cleaning without breaking the bank: Visit Costco (or Sam’s Club or any other ‘sample serving’ grocery store) during peak sample time and try to get a sample of everything!! Then drive through your favorite fast food restaurant and get a large smoothie to share, or a mini-ice-cream cone each, or even a hot chocolate to keep bodies warm while you head to the park for a quick walk.
  3. Add fun, friends, and WAY easy dinner to a busy school night. Invite another married solo mom over for dinner! Use disposable plates/bowls/cups/cutlery. Have her bring a can or two of her favorite soup (enough for everyone) while you pop a pre-made salad into a bowl and put some toast or buns on the table. You can prepare the meal together (less than 10 minutes) while the kids play, eat and clean-up, and have a visit all in less than an hour! And the kids will be over-joyed to have friends over to play with on a school night! Make sure your friend knows… she’s only welcome for one hour! If you keep it to one hour, you’re more likely to make this a monthly or weekly event.
  4. Speed up the bedtime process… get baths done and jammies on before dinner. Eat something simple and quick… even fruit with nut butter (my kids love granny smith apples with peanut butter), carrot sticks, crackers and a glass of milk is a great fast meal. Then hang out all together doing homework, watching a video, or snuggling with a read-aloud book. Sneak them into bed 30-60 minutes early… and then slip into a bubbly bath or do your nails or read a book, or even go to bed early yourself!
  5. Play hookie!! Have you got so many things up every evening that you feel like you’ll crash and burn? Yeah… I know. Make an adventure out of skipping all activities on one night – the busiest night of your week. Grab a movie with the kids at the cheap seats, or visit with a friend at McDonald’s so the kids can romp in the PlayPlace, or rent a movie, pop some corn and cuddle under the covers – all of you – in your big bed until everyone is asleep.
  6. This Life is Getting Old - Carla Anne Coroy - Mother and Daughter feeding birdsPack a bag dinner and go hang out at a local pond or zoo, watching the critters while you eat dinner. Don’t forget a bag of bread crumbs for ducks or animals you are allowed to feed.
  7. Go for a bike ride.
  8. Do a little evening geo-caching with the kids. (Or make it an adventure and spend an afternoon on the weekend doing it!)
  9. Visit someone in the hospital.
  10. Go out for ‘dinner’ and share nachos… if anyone is still hungry before bed they can have cereal. It’s a nice change of pace for you to get out and sit while they color the kids’ menu!

How about you?

What do you do to change things up when things start to get old?

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