Kindle Touch 3G Winner!!

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I know… you’ve all been waiting with bated breath, right?

I have received many surveys back. But there are still WAY more that I’ve sent out that haven’t been sent back yet.

If you still have one that’s not completed, please send it in as soon as you can. Unfortunately the giveaway is over, but you can still be part of Interviews 2012. I’ll still be looking for many, many more participants.

So…. drum roll please…

The Referral Prize

Unfortunately there is no winner for the referral prize yet!

There were some people on my referral list – unfortunately the people they referred to me have not completed and returned the surveys to me!

So… if you referred someone, give them a call and encourage them to get their surveys back to me so you can be entered to win.

I’m going to extend the referral prize draw until May 30th.

That means if you want another chance to refer someone… get on the move! Send an email to me telling me who you referred – and then have them contact me for the interview and return the completed survey to me before May 30th.

For each person you refer who returns a completed survey, you receive an entry.

So go for it! There is a $20 gift card on the line!

Now for the second drum roll please…

Kindle Touch 3G Winner - Carla Anne Coroy - a Kindle Touch 3G

Kindle Touch 3G Winner!

The winner of the Kindle Touch 3G is…

Nicole Elliott!!

Congratulations, Nicole! Please send me an email and we’ll connect on how to get this to you.

Remember… I’m still collecting interviews, so please spread the word to the Moms you know!


(I used to determine the giveaway winner.)

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