Mixed Emotions of Mother’s Day

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There’s a prominent web-based business running a promotional campaign right now. That’s because more people sign up for their services on the Monday after Mother’s Day than almost any other day of the year.

Mixed Emotions of Mother's Day - Carla Anne Coroy - Happy Mother's Day Gift - source 123rfHmmm…. would it be a spa because moms are cashing in their gift cards? No.

Is it a restaurant because families are skipping restaurants on Sunday thinking Monday will be slower, with better service? No.

This one surprised my socks off!!

It’s a web business devoted to helping married people have affairs.

Yep. Blatantly encouraging women to sign up to ruin their marriages.

Their motto? Life is short. Have an affair.

What are you expecting for Mother’s Day?

So what’s that all about anyway?

Are these women really so distraught and disappointed over how their husbands treated them on Mother’s Day that they feel the best option is an affair! Really!?!?!

It’s like ‘you hurt me and now I’ll hurt you back’.

That’s SO mature.

Now… I do think that husbands should teach and help their children to honor their mother.

But no wife is her husband’s mother… so if he doesn’t celebrate you, THANK GOODNESS!! And if you expect your husband to dote on you and honor you on Mother’s Day maybe it’s time you started treating him like a man instead of a child. Respect him as an adult. Let him honor his mom (and maybe yours if he wants).

But don’t expect that he will honor you on Mother’s Day. You are not his mom.

Okay. That was my first vent of the Mother’s Day season.

Carla Anne’s Mother’s Day Vent Number Two

Here’s the second.

Mother’s Day is NOT ABOUT BEING A MOM!!!!

It’s not all about you!

If Mother’s Day is a big deal to you it should be because you HAVE OR HAD a mom. If you have a mom or had a mom (which would be all of you) then you have something to celebrate.

My biggest beef is that many churches and families have twisted the day to focus too much on the people who have children. But that’s just not right. It is not about celebrating MY motherhood – that’s my kids job. If I’m celebrated, great. If not, oh well. But I had better celebrate MY mom.

So when leaders in church have moms stand it is awkward.

Those who’ve had miscarriages don’t know… should I stand because I have a baby in heaven? What if nobody knows about that miscarriage?

What about those who chose to abort their babies? They are just as much mothers as those who have raised a team of kids to adulthood.

What about the mom who has had to bury her only child, or one of her children, or who’s child has become a prodigal and has disowned his family, or who’s child has been missing for years?

You see… that focus is on “do you have children”. But that’s not what Mother’s Day is about.

Mother’s Day is about having a mom. And honoring her.

Celebrating our Moms

Mixed Emotions of Mother's Day - Carla Anne Coroy - Labels Spelling Mom - source 123rf

To my Mom: Thanks mom for praying for me. I know I can always turn to you for help, advice and a shopping companion! Thanks for teaching me how to live with wisdom. Thanks for loving me no matter what. Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

So… let’s celebrate this properly this year!

If you have a mom, and she’s alive – honor her. Thank her for giving you life. Celebrate the character she raised you to have.

If your mom has passed away, celebrate the legacy she left. The fact that she gave you life, raised you, and taught you much of what you know needs to be lifted up. Tell someone. Write a note, a poem, sing a song, post a blog – whatever you want – but make sure you honor what she did.

If your mom didn’t raise you well, or abandoned you, or for whatever reason has not lived up to your expectations of what a mom should be – that’s okay. Do you realize how many children are aborted each day? Thank God she chose life for you. That alone is a blessing she gave you. Your mama had courage to carry you and give birth to you. Celebrate that!

Remember – Mother’s Day is NOT about being a mom but is instead about celebrating the mom (or moms) you have been blessed with. Birth moms, foster moms, moms-in-law, adoptive moms, spiritual moms… moms. If you have had one… celebrate her.

You can start right here

Start by leaving a little comment here about YOUR mom.

Let us know how you’ll celebrate her. What is so special about the Mama you got!??

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  1. Shanyn says:

    Mother’s Day is special to me for three really important reasons:

    1) I never thought I would be a Mom, so having a child to celebrate Mother’s Day with is an honour denied to many and forgotten by many but cherished by few.

    2) I know Mom’s who have no children to celebrate them because they have gone to heaven or are otherwise out of their lives. I try to honour them because they continue to mother others, even though they cannot mother their own children. Including grandmother’s who are raising their grandchildren.

    3) Even though I am not as close to my own Mom as I’d like to be, she is still my Mom. The pain of having an absent or disinterested or even ‘on the other side of safe boundaries’ mother is a reality for many. They remember their Mother’s on this day but often it is with pain, remorse, regret or even fear.

    I try to think of Jesus teaching us to love one another, and if we truly are able to love one another as He did, even in a small human way, we can honor those who take on mothering roles.

  2. Thank you for this post! What a great reminder and an encouragement to celebrate the moms in my life–not get grumpy because my 4 and 2 year old have no idea they should “behave” today because it’s Mother’s Day–haha :)

    I just posted this on Facebook celebrating all the moms in my life (I have their names because I tagged them in it)

    Insanely blessed by the moms that God gifted me with!!! My amazing Mom Lisa ~ I have no idea how you managed to do ALL you did and continue to do for us four kiddos! Diane you are hands down, no contest the best mom in law of all time, Bessie how many great grandma’s are on Facebook??? You are completely wonderful and amazing! And my dear sweet Grandma Romero–who has a computer but won’t turn the “silly thing” on 😀 My life is so amazing because of all that you have done! Love you all dearly! ♥ ♥ ♥

    • Carla Anne says:

      I have to say… your comment about your great grandma on Facebook fascinates me!! What an astute woman… how much better can she get to know her grand and great grand children! Wow… I hope I’m a great grandma like that!

  3. She’s not *my* Great Grandma–but since I have children she is my children’s great grandma–my Grandma. Still pretty impressive to me for being able to navigate a social media site and email 😀 I hope I can stay up with the times like that as well!

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