Stickers, Stars and Other Rewards

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Sometimes I wish I got stars. Or stickers. Or something!

Giving out stickers and treats

When my young’uns were potty training they got stickers for every time they tinkled in the toilet. When they got 10 stickers they got a treat.

And pooping was worth more than one sticker. So if they pooped in the potty they got a treat faster!

I’ve done similar things with chores, bed-making, teeth-brushing, hair-combing and homework-doing.

As they get older they don’t want stickers anymore. Now they want others things. Usually money.

I can often find things to do that are worthy of a few dollars – spraying dandelions in the yard, washing the windows from the outside, defrosting and cleaning a freezer – stuff like that.

But no one ever gives me sticker. Or stars. Or dollars for that matter!

I was thinking today, ‘Hmmm… I think I could get a lot more done in a day if I got a reward at the end of it. That’s my problem! I don’t get rewards!’

(Yes, I do see the very lovely Mother’s Day cards still standing on my mantle… and yes, they say really nice things including thank you. But I have to be honest. A card once a year is not nearly as great as a sticker every time a child piddles in the pot – let’s be real!)

Stickers Stars and Other Rewards - Carla Anne Coroy - Mommy's Reward Chart with stickers

Then I began thinking how selfish and greedy I must be to want motivational stickers.

Well, I don’t really want stickers. Coffee cards, a few bucks, a day off here and there, a team that cheers me on whenever I’m really putting in some great effort. Things like that.

Pretty juvenile, right?


God gives rewards too

But then I think about the fact that God promises us rewards, too.

If we accept His way of salvation and grace through His one and only son we can have heaven! If we live holy lives there will be rewards for that!

I think God gets us.

He says in the Bible that He remembers that we are just dust.

Just dust. Yep. No motivation or backbone in dust. That’s why He needed to give us promises for rewards in heaven.

I’m not sure exactly what they all are… but I do know I want some! So I’ll live a life of holiness and submission to God. I’ll obey as much as I can and when my strength is at an end I’ll keep going because God alone is my strength.

And so I’m learning that there is nothing at all wrong with rewards! My kids don’t go chicken catching in stinky barns just to be nice. They go because there’s a nice reward at the end called a pay check.

I can’t give myself a pay check but I can remind myself, as I work around the house and do the little mundane things that never seem to end, that whatever I do needs to be done heartily as if I’m doing it only for the benefit of the Lord.

And usually I am. No one else really cares!

But I’m also doing it for reward. Plain and simple and true.

I could use a reward for losing weight. For exercising every day. For keeping my bathroom tidy. I really wouldn’t mind.

But for now… When I’m done this post… I’ll reward myself with a nap!!

How about you?

  • Do you work for rewards?
  • How do you feel about the fact that God expects us to work for rewards in heaven?
  • What kind of rewards do you give yourself?
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