In Case of a Nuclear Attack!!!

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I went into a local health food store this week with my four kids.

I went for some supplements and a few gluten free products. As I was standing at the cash register to pay, I noticed a discount bin beside me.

I saw red price tags.

Red price tags!

You know what red price tags mean, right??


I glanced through and saw one package that really caught my attention: ThyroSafe.

In Case of Nuclear Attack - Carla Anne Coroy - ThyroSafe product

Since I’ve had thyroid problems for years and years I thought I’d pick it up.

But before I paid for it I took time to read the package. Hmmmm….

“Thyroid blocking in a radiation emergency only”

What on earth does that mean? So I asked the clerk.

She tried to explain to me that this is what people should take in the event of a nuclear attack or some other nuclear radiation catastrophe.

In case of nuclear attack!

My brain started doing cartwheels and spinning out of control.

Thankfully the manners my mother taught me ruled my tongue. I knew it probably wouldn’t be good to say the sarcastic thoughts running through my head out loud!


My 13 year old autistic son was standing beside me.

He caught the irony.

And if you know anything about kids like my amazing boy, you know that social cues are not their strong suit!

So in a voice much more suitable to the playground than a small health shop, he said,

“You know, Mom, you can leave it here. We’ll just go home and listen to the news.”

“When we hear they are going to start attacking with nuclear bombs we know where to get these.”

“We’ll just come running back here to buy it then…”

(and now with louder voice, big eyes and biggest smile…)


I nearly peed my pants I was laughing so hard!!

The clerk didn’t even twitch!!!! She didn’t seem to notice the humor, but I was laughing hard as I tried to put my pin in the debit machine. I had to wipe tears from my face as she asked if I wanted my receipt stapled.

No I didn’t buy it then.

But we had so much fun talking about it, I sent my mortified daughter back to the store later that day to pick it up.

Hey… it was regular $26.50 now on sale for $3!! That’s a wing-dinger of a deal!

And in case of a nuclear attack… at least my dead body will have a very healthy thyroid!!

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  1. Beautiful, Carla Anne! Thanks for sharing this :)

  2. Dana McNeely says:

    What a giggling wake up to my day, Carla Anne. Thanks!

  3. Hi Carla.

    Just found you yesterday–glad I did.

    I didn’t realize you have a 13 year old autistic son. My son is 11 and has Asperger’s.

    Anyway, I will say that the thyroid warning is something I actually have looked into. That kind of supplement is not for a direct hit…it’s in case there is a cloud of radiation that might be known to be heading your way. The iodine in the supplement is absorbed by the thyroid, preventing it from absorbing the radiation from the fallout.

    It’s a cancer prevention since the thyroid is very vulnerable to absorbing the radiation.

    But of course, your son is correct. If it were a direct attack we wouldn’t be thinking about our thyroids. Or anything. But if not a direct attack this is a good thing to keep on hand.

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  5. Good laugh, Carla. I wonder if I should head out now an track down a supply of these things myself? I might want to comparison shop before the bomb drops, because you know how hard it’ll be afterwards :)


  6. Natalia says:

    People were buying all the iodine here because of the nuclear reactor leak in Japan. The cloud was heading this way as I heard anyway. Doesn’t have to be a nuclear bomb!

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