YiaYia and I Agree on Bikinis

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We don’t watch TV at home because we don’t even have TV!

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But when we go to a hotel or someplace that has a TV we often like to watch HGTV. I love all the home renovating and design shows!

Of course, everything is constantly interrupted by commercials. I hate commercials.

But every now and then one catches my attention. That happened this week.

Have you met YiaYia yet?

I saw this commercial for Athenos Feta cheese. Considering my recent viral post “Should Christians Wear Bikinis” I thought this was quite funny.

Apparently YiaYia (the Greek Grandma) and I are in agreement!!

Well… at least we both have concerns about bikinis. I’m not sure I’d have put it quite the way SHE does…

(Caution: There are girls in bikinis in the video. If you don’t want to see that, please do not watch the video.)

For those of you who choose not to watch the video, let me explain it.

It’s a pool party. There are three girls sitting with a guy on the edge of the pool deck around a picnic. The girls are wearing bikinis. The guy is wearing a button-up shirt, but it is open.

A narrator asks what they are doing and one of the girls starts explaining that they are having a party. But the narrator interrupts and suggests they ask YiaYia (The Greek Grandma) who is tending an old stone fire oven.

She looks around at them and says, “I tink it’s da pornography!

(But to get the full effect add a heavy greek accent and long, drawn-out rolled ‘r’.)

The girls get all nervous because of their bikinis. YiaYia starts walking to a house in the distance and turns back toward the pool and says again, “Pornography!”

Eventually the narrator says something like, “Don’t worry… at least YiaYia approves of your using Athenos Feta Cheese…”

Share your thoughts!

  • What do you think? Is YiaYia right?
  • Do you think Kraft overstepped their bounds on this ad, as so many have accused them of doing?
  • Do you find the ad funny? Off-color or inappropriate? Maybe all of that?
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  1. Colette says:

    I find it interesting that the girls immediately get all self conscious and embarrassed. They immediately knew they were dressed inappropriately.

  2. Exactly! There is something within all of us I think that notices when we are immodest.

  3. Lisa Reynoso says:

    Funny, yes. Off color? Probably. True? Oh, I couldn’t agree more. I never could understand why women would scream with embarrassment if someone caught them in their underwear, but then go out in public with a bikini. It is mild porn, at least to a guy.

    As to Kraft overstepping their bounds, I honestly think it’s not a bad thing that they made the video. It makes a point besides the one they were trying to make, and maybe it will help some people who otherwise wouldn’t have ever thought of it think about the topic of modesty. Maybe. Especially since that wasn’t the point of the video. It’s not threatening or judgmental for that reason, I think.

  4. gary says:

    YiaYia is right.

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