A Mother’s Heart

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My daughter came home this weekend.

It was a bit of a surprise. We weren’t expecting to see her for at least a month, and then this week we found out she’d be coming home. Although we didn’t know exactly when.

A Mother's Heart - Carla Anne Coroy - Ahria at LBees

Ahria, Myanna and I went for coffee at LBees in Steinbach the night she came home.

Your daughter’s here

There’s nothing as lovely as waking up from a nap to the words, “Your daughter’s here.”

My day felt full. Happy. I was so excited to see her.

I was immediately planning dinner and wishing I’d killed the fatted calf!!

Except she pointed out that she’s not a prodigal!

A Mother's Heart - Carla Anne Coroy - Kinda crazy Ahria at LBees

Ahria wanted me to add a "Crazy" photo of her… but the really crazy ones were terribly blurry. This is the craziest clear one I got!

God’s like that too

This reminds me how much my Father loves it when I go to ‘see’ Him.

I’ve been little off-schedule with my devotions this summer. My Bible reading has been in large chunks every few days instead of my regular every day routine. I’m in a bit of a funk with two of the kids gone and my summer routine so different from what I normally do.

But my Father would love to see me. Every day. I know it.

If my heart can thrill so much when my “baby” girl comes home, how much more must God thrill when we take time to spend with Him!

A Mother's Heart - Carla Anne Coroy - Carla Anne and her girls at LBees

Me, Ahria and Myanna having fun at LBees!

As a mom I want to soak up everything – what’s she’s been doing, whether the food’s been good (it better be, she’s one of the cooks!), who she’s met, how she’s been treated, what’s been the best part… I can’t get enough.

And yet, how many times do my devotions consist of just “getting through it”. Just doing what I have to in order to check it off my list.

And how many times do I just talk with God instead of listing off all the things I need Him to do?

How about you?

My mother’s heart reminded me today that my Father’s heart is longing for me.

Is He longing for you this summer too?

How do you adapt devotions and time with God in the summer time?

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