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Favorites Fridays!

Once a month on the last Friday of the month, I give you a list of some of my favorite links to blogs, photos, articles, etc. And this month is full of some GREAT content. I highly recommend them all!

If you find a great article and think I should really read it, leave me a link in the comments of the most recent Favorites Friday post and I’ll check it out. (I won’t promise to include it… but I will check it out!)

More Giveaways!

SO… if you have a product, or book, or service… let me know and we can talk about doing a promo giveaway on Favorites Fridays.

(Note: the product/service has to benefit the target group of my readership. Oil changes probably don’t fit this blog, and neither do books or movies of questionable content.)

My Favorites This Month

Carla Anne Coroy - Favorites Friday Badge

Pornopoly – This is a great post on how prolific the issue of pornography is. This is also GREAT support for what I was saying in my post ‘Should Christians Wear Bikinis?’. I highly recommend this read.

A Miracle Inside the Aurora Shooting – The previously undetected birth defect that God created inside this woman’s head became a path for the bullet to travel through her brain, right to the back of her skull… without really touching her brain! This is an amazing story of God’s sovereignty, and of the way He formed us intimately in our mother’s womb. He goes beyond just making us into something beautiful, taking into account what we will need to handle events planned by Him in advance. This is a must-read!

How to Bless Your Young Adult Children – A great set of practical tips on keeping the connection alive between you and your young adult kids.

Training Up Children in the Way They Should Go – Sometimes we get our plans, our ideas and our wisdom mixed up with God’s plans, God’s ideas and God’s wisdom… especially when it comes to our kids’ futures. A good reminder!

Ezer – A Woman’s Divine Calling – I wrote this article, but I think it’s worth reading again. Just recently I was speaking with some women about this truth, and it reminded me that this is a critical piece of Scripture we need to understand!

The Attraction of Polar Opposites – I love this woman’s perspective and creativity. This will help you see yourself and your husband through different eyes… a great switch-of-focus read.


This Month’s Giveaway

Favorites Friday and Giveaway - Carla Anne Coroy - Finding Grace book cover

Finding Grace is a book about Donna VanLiere’s life. All the bad stuff. Lots of the good stuff.

From molestation and abuse, to not being able to have children of her own, Donna shares her struggles and how she found her way back to God and His grace.

Now a mother of three beautiful children (whose antics will make you smile) she helps other women find Grace as well.

Enter to win Finding Grace by following the instructions on the Rafflecopter below.


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