Spider Slippers

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One of our daughters (and I won’t mention anyone else in the family…) suffers from arachnophobia. Fear of spiders.

And I mean FEAR.


A while ago she came home late. As in after midnight.

As it happens our son had a friend over for a sleepover that evening. They both had to be up reasonably early, so they were already in bed.

My daughter puttered around for a while in the basement where they have their bedrooms.

And it was a bit chilly down there.

So she went to put her slippers on. She always checks her slippers and shoes for spiders, but this time talked herself out of it. Because she never finds a spider. She’s just afraid she’ll find them there.

So at around 1 AM she bravely put her slippers on without checking.

She felt something in her slipper and she stepped down.

What’s in my slipper!?!?

Fear immediately coursed through her, but she told herself, “It’s probably just lint.” But it was bugging her so she took it off to check…

And this is what she found…

Spider Slippers - Carla Anne Coroy - photo of spider found in slipper

See that large Daddy Long Legs?

Yep. A huge daddy long legs spider.

It’s a Spider!!!!

She screamed so hard and so long I thought she’d wake all the neighboring towns in a 50 mile radius! It was crazy! Meanwhile I’m shout-whispering to her to be quiet because the boys were sleeping.

I needn’t have worried. Apparently the boys heard her and the guest said something like, “What’s going on?” My son said, “Ahria probably saw a spider.”

Well, he knows his sister. And they went back to sleep.

Ahria’s slippers have been neglected ever since. You never know what could be in them!

Isn’t that just the way it is, though? Right when you think you are finally over your fear of… whatever… or you think another bad thing can’t possibly happen… it happens.

I think that sometimes God wants to show us that if ‘whatever’ happens we’ll be okay. He’s there and nothing can change that. He’ll show us that no matter what goes on, He’ll give us what we need to walk through it.

My daughter hates spiders and thought she’d DIE if she ever found one in her slipper. But now she’s found one and she found out that the fastest way to kill a spider is to unknowingly step on it if it’s in your slipper. Gross? Yes. But she didn’t die and she’s one step closer to understanding that her worst fears are not quite so scary as she thought!

God challenges us, so often, to step into situations that seem scary. He asks us to approach people we think won’t like us, or to quit a good-paying job to go in to ministry, or submit to an authority when we don’t want to, or any number of things.

Not because He wants us to live in fear, but because He wants to show us that with Him as our guide there is nothing to fear.

With God all things are possible… even in the most scary of situations.

Even wearing Spider Slippers.

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