Blurry Vision

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Last week I visited a new optometrist. I wanted to check my prescription before buying new glasses online and buying a new round of contacts at Costco.

Getting my eyes examined

I went in and she did the whole nine yards.

The puff of air that nearly knocks you off the chair, the click-the-button-when-you-see-the-thingy-move test, and all the other normal tests.

Then she asked me if I’d ever had my eyes dilated. That’s when they put drops in your eyes to make your pupils open way, way up wide so they can look at and take a picture of the inside of your eye.

I said yes I had, years ago.

She asked me if I thought I could drive home after that.

“Ummm… sure.”

Remember, it had been years since I’d had this done. I couldn’t remember a thing about what it had been like. But hey, no big deal, right?

So she put the drops in and told me to wait in the hall waiting area.

Blurry vision!

A friend of mine came and sat beside me. I couldn’t tell who she was until she told me her name and I was close enough to recognize her voice!

She’d been at my house just the night before and I didn’t even see her! Crazy!

But I chalked some of that up to not having my contacts in.

Blurry Vision - Carla Anne Coroy - Carla Anne's dilated eye

The dilating drops made my pupils HUGE and my vision incredibly blurry.

Fast forward now to when everything was done.

I was at the desk paying. She told me to stick my credit card in the machine. I held the machine and floundered my way through putting the credit card in. That was HARD!! Then she said, “Okay, go ahead.”

I couldn’t see a thing! I had no idea what the machine said so I had to ask her to help me read the machine so I could punch in the right numbers!

Then I left. Surely driving can’t be that hard if things are just blurry, right?

Wow!! I made it a few blocks to where I knew my mom was and let her drive me the rest of the way home.

It took about 3 full hours, maybe more, before my sight was close to normal again.

My kids thought my eyes looked ‘cool’ with big black pupils. Meanwhile I couldn’t see their facial features. Weird!

The importance of focus

Later that evening I spent some time reflecting on my day – and on my eyes.

One might think that if you open up the ‘window’ of the eyes, make the pupil bigger, you’d be able to see more and see better. But it doesn’t work that way. The bigger they get the more you lose focus.

That’s like my life in so many ways.

When I open up my schedule and say yes to everything and anything, before long I lose focus and end up making mistakes, creating mess, and doing nothing well. By keeping a tight rein on what I allow in, I retain the freedom to focus on the things I choose to focus on and to do them well.

There’s also the issue of worldview. There are a zillion different ways to view the world. The worldview I choose is a biblical worldview, which some might argue is a rather narrow view.

When I keep my view fully focused on what the Bible says is true, the rest of my life comes into focus. But as soon as I start taking advice for my life from non-biblical sources, expanding me ‘eyes’ so to speak, I begin to get confused and life begins to look messy.

Taking a little from here and a little from there may sound wise, kind of how opening up the pupil sounds like something that should allow you to see more.

But it doesn’t work that way.

I don’t want blurry vision with my eyes – so I wear corrective lenses, either glasses or contacts. For my blurry spiritual vision I choose to put on my biblical worldview lenses and to view everything through the filter of Scripture. I read it. I believe it. I practice it.

And when I do, I see everything come into focus, even the things that don’t seem to make sense from any other view.

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