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This summer in Canada we have had heat waves just like much of the US. And very, very little rain. (Well… little rain until just recently!)

Not enough water

Many parts of the United States have been experiencing drought. In Canada things are not quite as bad, but many crops will fail or do poorly this year from lack of rain.

My lawn has been sad. Most people’s lawns have been sad. Brown patches instead of the lush bright green carpet we’re so used to seeing.

Some people are watering their lawns. Others are conserving water.

For most of the summer I didn’t water my lawn. Not because I was conserving water, although I’ll gladly use that excuse, but because we didn’t have a sprinkler.

Sprinklers - Carla Anne Coroy - A water sprinkler on grass

I do water my plants and garden. I walk around with the garden hose spraying just the parts that need it. But my water hose has a leak where it connects to another hose extension. Water was shooting out in small sprays.

One day I went out to water again and found myself intrigued. Where the water had been leaking the grass had turned green. In a spot and line, almost like a stain on my brown yard.

It reminded me of my spiritual life. If I want a luscious spiritual life it has to be watered. I have to spend time with the Water of Life – Jesus. Whichever parts of my life He touches will flourish. The parts that I don’t allow to be touched by Him die and turn brown.

Sometimes I am tempted to just keep ‘watering’ the same parts of my heart instead of letting God look over the ‘yard’ of my heart to see where I most need it.

When my worries over my kids take over all my prayer time and I direct where I want God’s water to fall I’m in danger of a ‘spotty heart’. Green and healthy in only a few places.

I sometimes (no often) need to remember to let God direct my prayer time. I start with… Jesus, what do you want to say to me today? Is there anything I need to confess? Is there anything you want me to do today? What is it, Lord, that would bring you glory in my heart today?

When I do that, I find that I grow and become healthy in all areas.

How about you?

Is it time to turn one the Sprinkler of the Spirit in your life? Are there some dry parts you need to let Him touch?

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