Who wants $100!?!?

6 Comments August 13, 2012 in Food & Fun and News

Just to add a little summer zing to the blog and to wake you up after my summer break from regular posting… I’m going to do a summer giveaway!!

Who wants $100 - Carla Anne Coroy - Giveaway cheque image

Summer Cash Giveaway!

Here’s how you enter:

  • Sign up to receive my blog by email for one entry.
  • Sign up to receive my newsletter for another entry.

That means you have TWO possible ways to enter. If you are already signed up, great, you are already entered!!

The prize will be $100 that you can use however you want! We’ll announce the winner on Sunday, August 19.

So… sign-up here for email and here for the newsletter. And please do me a favor and pass this on to at least 25 friends. (It’s really easy to do that if you post it on Facebook or Twitter or email the link to your email contacts… just a little hint for you!)

What would YOU spend $100 on?

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