Frazzled Sundays

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Do you ever have Sundays (or Saturdays if that’s when you go to church) where you feel like everyone is fighting, and everything is going wrong?

Yet you still have to arrive at church happy, smiling and beautiful?

Then you’ll really appreciate the video I’m sharing today – it’s all about that!

But this school year I want to challenge you to do something different. Plan for church. Prepare for Church. And Pray for Church.

Plan For Church

This includes choosing what you and the kids will wear. Of course, the kids can choose if they are old enough.

Make sure shoes and jackets are in their places. Find hair brushes and barrettes. Find tithe money, and Bibles. Have everything ready at the door, or even in the van, before you go to sleep the night before.

Plan to leave early. If you get there early you can sit in the car and visit, or rest, or pray. If there’s a coffee shop nearby or in your church, you could even make a cup of coffee or a donut your motivation for getting out of the house early!

Prepare For Church

Preparing for church is more than the logistics of what you’ll wear and bring. You need to prepare your heart to meet with God and His people.

Preparing is a week-long activity. Each day spend a few moments with God. Read His word and pray. If you know the passage your pastor will be speaking on that week, you may want to read it several times through the course of the week to let it start to sink in. If not, review your notes from last week’s message (you are taking notes, right?) and review the Scripture passages mentioned.

You can also prepare by spending time asking God if there is anything He would like you to confess or repent of. God wants our hearts clean when we worship. He says our prayers are more effective when we are right with Him. So spend some time listening to God and making sure there is nothing marring your heart. When our hearts are clean we hear His voice more clearly, His Word can more easily take root in our heart and we become more willing to obey what He asks of us.

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Pray for Church

Pray not only for yourself but also for the pastor (or whoever will be preaching or teaching during the service). Pray for the worship team or leader. Pray for the Sunday School teachers. There are so many volunteers and people needed to make a church service work well for everyone in attendance. Pray for them.

Pray for your family, that this would not be just something your family does, but that they would love to go to church and hear the Word of God preached.

Pray for the congregation. Pray for unity, and that the members of your congregation would love one another. Pray that they would be a light in your community and in their workplaces. Pray that each person there would be open and ready to take action from what they hear preached during the service.


Then remember. I know, that doesn’t start with a P, but you need to remember this: Everyone in your church who truly belongs to God will at some point struggle with getting to church on time, prepared and looking fine.

So remember that all the beautiful people in church are just like you – sometimes they pursue God without make-up, or with stuff stuck in their teeth, or a stain on their shirt. And all the perfect people in church… Yeah, well, they are not nearly as perfect as they seem. So be real. Remember who you really are and why you are in church this week.

That’s my challenge to you this school year. Will you take me up on it?

Now check out this video:

How about you?

What all have you tried to prepare yourself for your church service?

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