Book Marks 2012 – Married Mom, Solo Parent

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Book Marks 2012 - Married Mom, Solo Parent - Carla Anne Coroy

“Moms who find themselves angry all the time also feel guilty much of the time. You feel guilty for not being the kind of mom who can laugh things off or who can see your kids’ age-appropriate behavior and misdemeanors as a part of life rather than as an additional burden for you to carry. Deep down you want to be the kind of mom who sits down and plays with her kids or tells jokes with them or shares their secrets, yet you see them closing up in front of your eyes because of your harsh words and actions.”

Carla Anne Coroy, Married Mom, Solo Parent, p. 54

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“This is a fantastic book! Not only is Carla Anne Coroy an engaging writer but also, in our book, she is the expert of experts in relating to all who have ever had an absentee husband. Buy one for yourself and give one to someone you love who is going at it alone.”

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Married Mom, Solo Parent is down-to-earth and easy to read.

Whether you’ve lived as a Married Solo Mom or not, you’ll find encouragement and practical, biblical teaching on marriage, parenting and life.

Widely endorsed and touching a cultural nerve, God is using Married Mom, Solo Parent to minister to women, marriages and families around the world.

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