Teen Girls Around the World

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Starting next week I’ll be hosting a Teen Girls Around the World post every few weeks. The girls I’ll be interviewing will be from countries all over the world!

I’m hoping to interview Christian teen girls (ages 13-19) from as many places as possible.

Christian girls from around the planet!

We’ll be meeting girls from North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe and more! Some will be girls just like you… and some will be radically different!

Some will speak English… and some won’t! (If they include their own written language I’ll try to include it so you can see what it’s like!)

My dream for this is that we’ll learn something of what it’s like to be a Christian teen in another part of the world.

How are the pressures they face similar? What is different?

I hope it will help us grow a heart of compassion for other Christians around the world – some who face more challenges than others, some who need encouragement, and some who simply need to know there are others teen girls in the world who are praying for them.

I’ve already met some of the girls. I think you’ll love them!

Next week we’re going to meet a girl who is… not from North America! That’s all the hint I’m giving! You’ve got to come back to meet her yourself!

In the meantime…

Help me find a good series badge!

I need to know… which badge do you like the best for this post series?

I want something that will stand out and be recognized as THE Teen Girls Around the World icon.

Here are two that I like.

Teen Girls Around the World - Carla Anne Coroy - possible badge number 1
Teen Girls Around the World - Carla Anne Coroy - possible badge number 2

Cast your vote, or suggest something different!

If you have other ideas, or want to make a badge for me, let me know! I’d be glad to see your suggestions! (Not promising I’ll use them, but I WILL consider them!)

Leave your vote in the comments. I’m excited to see which one wins!

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