Book Marks 2012 – Married Mom, Solo Parent

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Book Marks 2012 - Married Mom, Solo Parent - Carla Anne Coroy

“Perhaps you have told your husband very little, expecting him to somehow know how to love and cherish you. That puts (and keeps) him at a disadvantage. He can’t get better at something he doesn’t know to do or know how to do.”

Trent Coroy, in Married Mom, Solo Parent, p. 239

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Married Mom Solo Parent - Carla Anne Coroy - Book Cover

ISBN-13: 978-0825426261
Publisher: Kregel Publications

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Christine at The IE Mommy
I think Married Mom, Solo Parent is a must-read for any new-bride or mom and the old-timers, like me. It’s refreshing, open and enjoyable. There are little bits of nuggets and wisdom that will help you understand and appreciate your situation a little bit more within the pages of this book.

Real Hope and Practical Help

Married Mom, Solo Parent is down-to-earth and easy to read.

Whether you’ve lived as a Married Solo Mom or not, you’ll find encouragement and practical, biblical teaching on marriage, parenting and life.

Widely endorsed and touching a cultural nerve, God is using Married Mom, Solo Parent to minister to women, marriages and families around the world.

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