Voices of the Faithful – Book Review

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I was very excited about getting a chance to review this book. The idea of reading testimonies from people who have remained strong in their faith was a real draw for me.

Voices of the Faithful - Book Review - Carla Anne Coroy - Voices of the Faithful book cover

Written to be a devotional book, with a short reading, a verse and a prayer. I think this book is well done, but is best used as an inspirational nugget read throughout the day.

The book is Voices of the Faithful (Book 2). Beth Moore is the series creator and Kim P. Davis is the compiler for the work.

As soon as I got it, which was a long time ago, truth be told, we started using it as part of our homeschool day.

We read one each day.

Then I realized it was going to take us forever to get through the book, so we bumped up the reading to several a day. (It’s written as a devotional book, with one reading for every day of the year.)

The stories are encouraging. But they are not what I was hoping for. I think I was looking for a Foxe’s Book of Martyrs or Jesus Freaks type book. This isn’t that.

However, that doesn’t mean the book isn’t valuable. It just wasn’t what I was expecting.

Not the best read-aloud

The stories were good, but they didn’t hold the attention of my kids even though most of them are only 1 page or less in length.

I didn’t find them saying, “Come on, Mom! Keep reading!” like they have with other books.

Again… that doesn’t mean the book isn’t good! Perhaps it’s just not designed as a read-aloud for families.

I must admit, however, there was something I didn’t like about it. There seemed to be a lack of spiritual depth.

The stories were sometimes funny, sometimes sad, sometimes faith-filled. But they seemed to lack a clear sense of the point of each story. They are like snatches of story provided without context.

They also seemed to lack a real calling to a deeper faith in God. And the stories tended to focus a bit more on the faith of the person than on the God in whom I would hope their faith was founded.

I sometimes found myself thinking… “What was the point of this reading? What am I missing?”

Good as a bathroom reader!

When I realized it wasn’t going over well in our homeschool, or family read-aloud times, I put it in the bathroom.

And I loved having it there!

The kids would come out of the bathroom and comment on a story they’d read. They’d sometimes bring it up in conversation. It’s not hard to fit in one of the very short readings during a bathroom visit.

My review in summary

I think this is a great book for starting conversations about faith and for keeping our minds engaged with testimonies, and challenging stories, that show us the faithfulness of God and the strength he gives his people.

I don’t believe it has enough “meat” to be used as a devotional tool. I do think it can be useful as a daily inspirational nugget.

And I highly recommend you keep it in the bathroom, to encourage even younger readers to engage with the testimonies of the faithful!

I would give this book 3 1/2 stars out of 5.

What do you think?

  • Have you read this book? What were your thoughts?
  • What books have you enjoyed about the faithfulness of God in people’s lives? Or of their testimonies?
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