Speaking Topics

I speak and conduct seminars on a wide range of subjects, including Christian life, parenting, marriage, homeschooling and biblical finances. My speaking one-sheet provides a convenient summary of information for your reference, feel free to share the link or download it and share it that way.

Here are just some of my more popular speaking topics for women, to give you some ideas. If you’re interested in something a bit different, don’t hesitate to ask.

Single sessions

These sessions are great for a women’s event. Each session is about 50 minutes long.

An Exceptional Woman

Encourages women to grow deeper with Christ, and to rise above being ‘normal’ to being extra-ordinary.

Between the Rock and a Hard Place

How to live so you can shine in the rough times.

The Mission of Motherhood

Understanding the Big-Picture of parenting when you are staring at diapers and messy faces. Giving an eternal perspective to the daily grind.

Believing is Doing

What does it mean to ‘believe and be saved’? A challenge to put feet to our faith.

Spring Cleaning

An opportunity to get into the corners of your heart to do a spiritual deep cleaning.

Desperate for a Solid Foundation

A look at basic spiritual disciplines: how to apply them to your life, and solid reasons to implement them.


Retreat packages can be adapted to suit your theme in most cases. I normally design or provide booklets for either take-home devotions or small group discussion questions.

Each session runs about 50 minutes in length.

It is highly recommended that an additional 20-30 minutes of small group discussion time be scheduled for each session.

Spring Cleaning for the Heart and Soul

2 sessions
This is excellent for a one-day event with morning and afternoon sessions, or a weekend event with only two sessions.

Session 1 – Are you the only one who wears panties?

A look at the masks we wear in front of others and God.

Session 2 – Flylady and Spiritual Freedom

A challenge to pursue spiritual freedom to avoid C.H.A.O.S. in our lives.

Abundant Life

4 sessions
Encourages women to live even mundane life in submission to God. Well-suited to groups that include both new and well-seasoned believers.

Session 1 – The Woman of Life

Offers the challenge to accept Jesus, to know Him more deeply and to live humbly before him.

Session 2 – The Ruler of Life

A practical session encouraging the women to evaluate whether God is really the ruler of every part of their lives.

Session 3 – The Mission of Life

A look at how our lives as Christian women should affect the world around us.

Session 4 – The Life of Worship

A wake-up call regarding complacency and a challenge to live a radical life of worship.

Every Bowl of Cherries is full of Pits

4 sessions
This retreat package focuses on how to find hope in the midst of the rough stuff of life. Ideal for believers, also good for unbelievers who are looking for hope. Solid biblical teaching interwoven with lots of Carla Anne’s own story.

Session 1 – When Being a Woman is the Pits

Women and friendships can be a messy thing! How and why to be in relationship with Christ and others.

Session 2 – When Being a Wife is the Pits

Taking a good look at what it means to be a godly wife when marriages are not so happily-ever-after.

Session 3 – When Being a Mom is the Pits

Whether it’s a sick child, a wayward son or daughter, or a child who’s acting out – being a mom can be so painful. Hope and perspective from Scripture.

Session 4 – When Being a Christian is the Pits

Unanswered prayer, painful pasts, uncertain futures… weren’t things supposed to get better as a Christian? Finding hope and life as a follower of Christ.

Keeping Christ the Center of your Home

3 sessions
Perfect for shorter retreats and for all age ranges and stages of spiritual growth.

Session 1 – The Woman of the Home

Having a Christ-centered home starts with you. A look at how to establish yourself as a Christ-centered woman.

Session 2 – The Ruler of the Home

Who is in charge of your home? Really in charge! Evaluating our battles to take charge of running our homes. Very practical in content.

Session 3 – The Mission of the Home

Why did God set up your home? What is the purpose of your home to your family? To your community? To God? Taking a look at your home in light of eternity.

Women Under Construction

4 sessions
This retreat package is for all women regardless of their place in their walk with Christ. Participants evaluate their personal lives and are challenged to live in holiness. This is a jam-packed retreat!

Session 1 – Demolition

Looking at honesty and confession in the process of becoming beautiful.

Session 2 – Blueprints

Understanding who designed the blueprints for our lives. A challenge to submit to the Engineer who made them.

Session 3 – Renovation

Living in renovation-mode is never easy – especially when things don’t go as smoothly as planned. Encouragement to find hope in the midst of disappointment.

Session 4 – Decoration

Looking at how God is refining us to be beautiful, how he’s adding the finishing touches.

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