Yogurt Garden – Fun Summer Breakfast

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We had a Respect Dare Reunion recently. And I’ve been waiting for several weeks to make something for a brunch. Every time I have a place to bring it I forget I was going to bring this. (That’s what happens when you turn ‘old’.)

This week I had a breakthrough and I actually remembered!!

Yogurt Garden - Fun Summer Breakfast - Carla Anne Coroy - Yogurt and granola with fruit arranged in a picture of a garden

Yogurt Garden – Simple, Fast, Beautiful, Fun!

This is one of the easiest, and most fun breakfast dishes you could ever make!

Yogurt Garden

Yogurt Garden - Fun Summer Breakfast - Carla Anne Coroy - Yogurt and granola with fruit makes for fun

Granola on the bottom, then the yogurt, then the pieces of fresh fruit.

3 cups granola
1300 g (about 6 cups) vanilla yogurt
4 strawberries (sliced into three slices each from the tip to the stem area to make heart shaped slices)
1 apricot
5 blackberries
2 kiwi peeled

2 cups cream cheese
Whip cream (from the aerosol can)

Yogurt Garden - Fun Summer Breakfast - Carla Anne Coroy - making leaves

Use a round, cross-wise, slice of kiwi cut into thirds to make leaves, or optionally use a few fresh mint or stevia leaves.

  • Pour the granola into the bottom of a 9×13 glass casserole dish.
  • Optional: Mix the cream cheese with the yogurt in a mixer until smooth and layer than over the granola.
  • Spread the yogurt (or the yogurt/cream cheese blend) over the granola.
  • Slice the kiwi into long thin slivers. Lay on top of the yogurt along the long side of the casserole dish to look like grass and about 5 stems for flowers of different lengths.
  • Lay the strawberries pointy end to pointy end in a circle to look like a flower on two or three of the stems. Use 5 slices per flower.
  • Slice the apricot into thin round slices. There will be a hole in the centre of the slices where the pit was.
  • Lay the apricot circles on top of two or three of the stems.
  • Put a blackberry in the centre of each flower.
  • Optional: Use the whip cream can to make puffs of clouds in the “sky”.

Easy as that! Or you can get creative and design a different garden – or something else entirely!

Let me know what you come up with!

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